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The preventability or otherwise of the death was assessed by the committees and subcategory G was added for those deaths in which anaesthesia factors were implicated, but for which no correctable factor could be identified.
However, there are shortcomings: some are syntactic ("Rusi clutched her sari walking alongside"); some are the result of usage ("highest incidence than"); others seem correctable ("banana trees"; "jungle jim"; bidis described as "home grown cigarettes").
12] deficiency, sufficient to produce mild cognitive impairment, is correctable by [B.
The surge capacity of hospitals is nonexistent and is not an economically correctable matter.
are correctable once adjustments have been made to release the `voice'" (13).
When problems are correctable, the supervision process is often successful.
Environmental hazards, while usually correctable, have the potential for causing health problems as well.
800 is amended to provide that failure to properly allow for time served when sentences are imposed, if that can be determined without an evidentiary hearing, is illegal and correctable under subdivision (a).
Though the Court's recent decisions in the correctable disabilities cases have been a magnet for controversy, the spirited debate over their normative implications has displaced careful analysis of their practical legal effects.
The court says they did not qualify for the ADA's protections because their conditions were correctable.
Since we now know that contractures are preventable and correctable, at least to some degree, and that many are totally correctable, we must also remember that this is a diagnosis that falls under the category of an injury, just as bed sores do.
Most of these maladies are easily correctable with stretching.
While the defect, which generally occurs between nine and twelve weeks gestation, is correctable through surgery, what causes this deformity is unknown.
Hypospadias, which is correctable through surgery, traces to some disruption in the development of the penile urethra--the urine-carrying organ--between weeks 9 and 12 of gestation.
It may not be huge, but there's a definite population of elderly people who have dementia related to B-12 deficiency that is still correctable.