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corral someone or something

Fig. to herd someone or something into a corral or other enclosed space. It took the cowboys two hours to corral the mustangs. The nursery school teacher herded the kids off the playground and corraled them in the classroom.

corral dust

n. nonsense, lies, and exaggeration. (A euphemism for bullshit.) The way Judy handles the corral dust, she must be running for political office.
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Golden Corral looks for people who have in-depth knowledge of restaurants and who have worked in a restaurant or owned one in the past.
While service and body work remains the biggest demand for RV Corral, McCall said, the firm is starting to see an increase in demand from first-time buyers or existing RV owners who want to trade up.
USC made 24 of 27 free throws, and Corral made all seven of hers.
After a year of development, the gates of the OK Corral Gun Club are open to a wide range of guests from those with no shooting experience to the competitive shooter looking for a setting to test his skills.
The DAV and Auxiliary have joined their Golden Corral partners to send kids to camp.
If there is a perceived lack of potential compostibles, the rails can be placed with a greater overlap thereby forming a smaller bin or corral.
From the street, the Gentle Barn looks like just another series of corrals, but Ellie Laks, Jay Weiner and their 60 rescued barnyard animals are so much more than another farm.
Whatever links emerge, de Corral and Martinez can count on hooking up with Robert Storr.
The RV Corral will hire two salespeople and two service technicians at the budget lot, taking the company's total employment to 56 workers.
The Wall Street Journal noted that the life of a Golden Corral franchisee "is a blend of entrepreneur and traditional manager.
In 1997, Corral introduced legislation to regulate government handouts to the press.
268) to maneuver 36 individual cobalt atoms into a corral, the researchers started to put additional cobalt atoms inside the ellipse as part of a magnetism experiment.
Corral is the biggest Saudi private downstream operator overseas.
E2America)today announced that Platinum Corral, a multi-state franchise operator of Golden Corral Buffet-Grill restaurants, has signed an agreement to install E2America's intelligent HVAC control system in all 30 of its stores.