References in classic literature ?
I will explain that the Oracle is an innocent old ass who eats for four and looks wiser than the whole Academy of France would have any right to look, and never uses a one-syllable word when he can think of a longer one, and never by any possible chance knows the meaning of any long word he uses or ever gets it in the right place; yet he will serenely venture an opinion on the most abstruse subject and back it up complacently with quotations from authors who never existed, and finally when cornered will slide to the other side of the question, say he has been there all the time, and come back at you with your own spoken arguments, only with the big words all tangled, and play them in your very teeth as original with himself.
Esmeralda and I cornered in an old cabin by a perfectly awful man-eating lioness.
I think the market became excited when there was a possibility that MCI would buy the company, but on its own, I think Nextel is a bit cornered by PCS and GSM growth.