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acknowledge the corn

To admit to or acknowledge one's fault, shortcoming, mistake, crime, or naiveté. When they arrested me, I decided I might as well acknowledge the corn and confess to stealing the car. Especially since I was still driving it.
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pee in (someone's) Corn Flakes

rude slang To really upset, irritate, or disappoint someone. Sorry to pee in your Corn Flakes, but you won't get any credits for the class unless you attend every single lecture. A: "Watch out, the boss is in a foul mood today." B: "Wow, I wonder who peed in his Corn Flakes?"
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piss in (someone's) Corn Flakes

rude slang To really upset, irritate, or disappoint someone. Sorry to piss in your Corn Flakes, but you won't get any credits for the class unless you attend every single lecture. A: "Watch out, the boss is in a foul mood today." B: "Wow, I wonder who pissed in his Corn Flakes?"
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like a can of corn

Rur. very easy. Whipping up dinner for twelve is like a can of corn, as far as Jane is concerned. The championship game was like a can of corn for our team. We won easily.
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earn your corn

If someone earns their corn, they are successful and therefore justify the money that has been spent, for example on employing or training them. New striker, Steve Menzies, earned his corn with a last-minute goal. Managers earn their corn in these difficult circumstances.
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seed corn

If someone talks about seed corn, they mean resources or people that will produce benefits in the future rather than immediately. Investment in the industry, the seed corn of future output, has fallen by 75 percent. Note: If people eat their seed corn, they use up their valuable resources, and this will prevent them from being able to do things in the future. A society that's unwilling to invest in its future is a society that's living off capital. It's eating its seed corn. Note: A farmer's seed corn is the grain that is used for planting rather than being sold or eaten.
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corn in Egypt

a plentiful supply.
This expression comes from the aged Jacob's instructions to his sons in Genesis 42:2: ‘Behold, I have heard that there is corn in Egypt: get you down thither, and buy for us from thence’.
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earn your corn

put in a lot of effort for your wages. British informal
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can of corn

1. n. a baseball that drops straight down into the glove of a waiting player (for an out). (Since the 1940s.) It’s a can of corn! Right into Sammy’s mitt.
2. n. something that is really easy [to do], as in easy as catching a can of corn. (From the image of an old-time grocery store clerk who would grasp a can from the top shelf with the special long tool, and then drop it straight down into his hand.) Nothing to it. A can of corn.
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n. money. I need some corn to pay the rent.

corn squabble

n. a fight. (Perhaps referring to chickens fighting over corn.) Stop this silly corn squabble and let’s try to talk this through.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. Let’s go out and get corned!
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can of corn

Something that is easily accomplished, especially a routine catch of a fly ball in baseball.
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Then, too, there was always talk of war with the Meat-Eaters, and Dog- Tooth and Tiger-Face filled many houses with corn, and dried fish, and smoked goat-meat, and cheese.
And then we will go out together, the Fish-Eaters and the Meat-Eaters, and we will kill the tigers and the lions and the wolves and the wild dogs, and we will pasture our goats on all the hill-sides and plant our corn and fat roots in all the high mountain valleys.
And all the hunting animals will be killed, and, as Hair-Face said, all the hill-sides will be pastured with goats and all the high mountain valleys will be planted with corn and fat roots.
Its successful consolidation with Cargill Hybrid Seeds created the third-largest seed corn company in the U.
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Food companies have solf frozen corn on the cob for 60 years, preparing it by first cooking the corn for 10 to 14 minutes, says Lee.
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This season we are offering more than 25 new corn hybrids and 23 new soybean varieties," says Jerry Harrington, sales public relations manager for Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.
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6 /PRNewswire/ -- Crop Genetics International (NASDAQ: CROP) today reported that, in field trials conducted this year, its genetically-modified InCide (R) biopesticide displayed insect control superior to that typically achieved by conventional chemical products on two Mid-West corn varieties.
But until now the monocot grain crops, such as corn and rice, have been notoriously hard to engineer.
The Web-based classroom curriculum on corn has 1,500 hits per month and is being used by teachers throughout the country, says Gary Bradley, NCGA strategic marketing communications manager, in the association's St.
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Evidence of estrogenic activity in corn oil was reported more than 40 years ago (Booth et al.
In a market that typically exceeds $200 million in terms of total treatment investment cost (grower spend), Callisto achieved almost 25 percent share of the post-emergent, broadleaf weed control market in corn, treating more than 4 million acres.