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Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really corkscrewed.
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corkscrewed up

Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really corkscrewed up.
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corkscrewed (up)

mod. courageous because of alcohol; with one’s courage screwed by alcohol. After getting himself corkscrewed up, he went into the boss’s office for a word.
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See also: corkscrew
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Wine aerator: Much like electric corkscrews can make opening bottles of wine much easier, wine aerators can help aerate red wine more quickly than decanters, which can take up to two hours to fully aerate wine.
For the home-based collector, a flight to Cape Town might be a step too far, so at the end of the month, Jeremy is bringing at least some of his corkscrews (among other fine antiques and works of art) to the UK.
is an art and antiques dealer who found a niche matching high-end, rare corkscrews with wealthy collectors.
When rancher James Cook found devil's corkscrews on his property along the Niobrara River in 1891, he alerted Erwin H.
It's a fun little thing in a fish shape with a foil cutter and corkscrew featuring white oak wood and stainless steel.
This change forces already twisted fibers to rotate, which can tighten the corkscrew.
Rechargeable electric corkscrew with thermometer, pounds 49.
Straight pulls with T-bars are some of the simplest corkscrews available, consisting basically of a handle, usually made of wood, and a steel shaft and worm - the wiggly bit that goes into the cork.
Corkscrews were chosen to narrow the focus, with particular interest paid to corkscrew sets.
One time it was a knitting needle that acted as an impromptu corkscrew, plunging the wood into the bottle and splattering the walls with Shiraz, so that the room was transformed into a Hitchcockian murder scene.
You can cut the foil or plastic from the bottle with a knife, or the small blade found on many corkscrews, but a foil cutter tends to work better as it slices the foil or other sealing material just below the bottle's lip, allowing it to peel off in a neat sheet.
households don't even own corkscrews, and to sell a product that presumes ownership of a corkscrew is problematic in the extreme.
50, and if you're throwing a very big party, you might want to pick up 50 pounds of corkscrews (a steal at $26.
We can think of drug careers as corkscrews affecting many areas of the user's life - crime, housing, employment, training and education, family and community and leisure pursuits and as the drugs career progresses the user moves further down the corkscrew.
SIPS & NIBBLES: Remembering Brother Timothy: The friendly, good-humored Christian Brothers winemaker for more than 50 years had a huge collection of corkscrews and was always good for a quote and a picture concerning them.