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cork up

1. Literally, to insert a cork into something, such as the opening of a bottle. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cork" and "up." There's still some wine in the bottle, so should we cork it up?
2. To become quiet. Typically used as an imperative. In this usage, the phrase is often "cork it up." Cork it up, kids—all the screaming is giving me a headache!
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cork something up

1. Lit. to close and seal a bottle with a cork. I think we should cork this up and save it for later. Cork up the bottle for later.
2. Fig. to stop up one's mouth and be quiet. Cork it up and listen! Cork up your mouth!
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corked (up)

and corky
mod. alcohol intoxicated. You’d be corked up, too, if you’d drunk as much as I have. Willie’s acting sort of corky.
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Although the corked bat almost certainly belonged to Mantle, it is unclear whether he actually used it during a game.
So it's important that the problem of corked wine is solved, as often people are put off a wine dismissing it as bad, when they should dismiss it as a bad cork.
In some parts of the world plastic corks have caused uproar amongst wine lovers but it means no more corked wine.
You know what I say to them when they start going on about how wine needs to be naturally corked to develop the proper bouquet?
British supermarket chain Tesco found one in 12 bottles of wine it sold was corked and now uses other types of seals for one quarter of all the wine it sells.
And far from suggesting that these are associated with an inferior wine, it is a sign that whatever the quality of the wine at least it will not be corked.
The wine then takes on a terrible fusty smell and taste and the cork will give no indication that the wine is corked.
Is it as few as 3% or as many as 9% of wines today which are corked when opened?
retailer Sainsbury's says it "found the solution to corked wine" in a new cork-based closure and will begin offering wines that are stopped with the closure in May.