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cordon something off

to mark off an area where people should not go with a rope, tape, ribbon, etc. The police cordoned the scene of the crime off, and we could not even get close. They cordoned off the area.
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cordon bleu

cordon bleu cooking is food which is prepared to the highest standard and a cordon bleu cook is someone who cooks to a very high standard (always before noun) She spent five years working as a cordon bleu chef before opening her own restaurant.
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Along with Woodlawn Elementary School, and Palisades and Roosevelt high schools, areas remained cordoned off at Columbus Middle School in Canoga Park, Hamilton High School downtown, Century Park Elementary School in Inglewood, Monte Vista Elementary School in Highland Park, Virgil Middle School in the Westlake area, and Westchester Prep High School.
A teenager was later arrested in connection with the incident which saw the immediate area cordoned off for more than an hour yesterday Pictures by IAN McINTYRE
Police cordoned off part of the subway but it's disused and nobody goes there.
A number of roads were cordoned off and army bomb disposal experts were called in the examine the device.
Once sheriff's deputies and arson specialists arrived, they cordoned off a 400-square-foot area with yellow police tape.
A large area was cordoned off by officers just off Irlam Road, in Bootle, yesterday.
According to the details, security forces cordoned of area at Kaka Sahib and conducted house to house search without resistance.
PART of a Coventry street was cordoned off yesterday morning after a woman was found dead inside a house.
The whole end of Essex Street was cordoned off by police this morning and there was a heavy police presence at the scene.
STREETS were cordoned off after a man was assaulted in Grangetown, Cardiff.
Castle Morpeth Borough Council, which maintains the churchyard, has temporarily cordoned off the affected area and is working to make it safe to reopen as soon as possible.
The area was cordoned off by police and 15 workers on the 40-apartment development were evacuated.
POLICE cordoned off an area of Birmingham city centre this afternoon after workmen digging a trench discovered a set of bones.
Officers later cordoned off a five-story municipal parking garage near the scene after a witness saw a man fitting the description of the suspect.
STREETS were cordoned off around Liverpool's Sefton Park after police feared an unexploded device had been found.