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blot (one's) copy book

To tarnish, damage, or ruin one's reputation by behaving badly or committing some mistake or social transgression. Refers to a child's copy book, the blotting (staining with ink) of which ruins one's work. Primarily heard in UK. The local councilor blotted his copy book when it came to light that he had accepted bribes to allow unregulated development projects to go ahead. I really blotted my copy book when I spilled my drink on the visiting dignitary last night.
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carbon copy

1. A copy of a document that is made by placing a sheet of carbon paper under the original so that the print gets transferred from the original to the sheet of paper below it. Carbon copies are largely obsolete but are still used in some cases for receipts. Could you please make a carbon copy of that invoice? I need it for my records.
2. To include additional recipients on an email message that is intended for, or directed to, another person. Often abbreviated as "cc." Please carbon copy me on that email to Janice. I want her to know I am aware of the situation.
3. A person or thing that closely resembles someone or something else in looks or attributes. Even though they were born several years apart, Darren is a carbon copy of his brother. They have the same gait, mannerisms, and hairstyle.
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copy something down (from someone or something)

to copy onto paper what someone says; to copy onto paper what one reads. Please copy this down from Tony. Ted copied down the directions from the invitation. Jane copied the recipe down from the cookbook.
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copy something out (by hand)

to copy something in handwriting. I have to copy this out again. I lost the first copy. Please copy out this article for me.
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copy something out of something

 and copy something out
to copy something onto paper from a book or document. Did you copy this out of a book? I did not copy this paper or any part of it out of anything. I copied out most of it.
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a carbon copy

someone or something that is extremely similar to someone or something else (usually + of ) He's a carbon copy of his father.
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carbon copy

A person or thing that closely resembles another, as in Our grandson is a carbon copy of his dad. Originally this term meant a copy of a document made by using carbon paper. The linguistic transfer to other kinds of duplicate survived the demise of carbon paper (replaced by photocopiers, computer printers, and other more sophisticated devices). [c. 1870]
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copy down

To write something exactly as it is said or written somewhere else; transcribe something: I'll be out tomorrow, so please copy down what the teacher says. Copy the instructions down so you don't forget them.
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a copy

n. a piece, as with an item produced. We sell the toy at $14 a copy.
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The growth of the Net raised the level of copying exponentially, since it made copying so much easier, the possibility of detection, prosecution, and punishment so much more remote, and successive generations of copies as perfectly copyable as originals.
Participants receive complete training and all copyable materials necessary to put on proven seminars and consultation.
Scope of the delivery The offer includes the following product groups: School books for primary and corresponding levels, including teacher guides and copyable originals for these books.
The radio messages are: being fed by ABC radio satellite on Wednesday, October 24; copyable from a toll-free telephone player October 26-November 15: 1-877-660-6853, press 1054#, press 97828; downloadable as MP3 files October 26-November 15 from the following Web site: UnitedWayPSAs.
Unless you know what you want, I suggest you start with legally copyable programs like PC-Write, which can be duplicated for multiple users.
These discs are not presently downloadable or copyable.
It is clear that there is a real need for a legal and inexpensive way for consumers to download music and to be able to use it the way they do now, freely copyable to their portable devices'" was how Watson-Research's President Oromond Stacker summarized the consumer feedback obtained during its recent survey.