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copulate with (one)

To have sexual intercourse with one. Our health teacher warned us against copulating with just anyone.
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copulate with someone

[for someone] to have sexual intercourse with someone. He said he wanted to copulate with whom?
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According to Alcock (1991), when a female copulates more than once, she enables the competition between the sperm of her partners.
Once the female returns with mud or spiders, the satellite male quickly jumps her trying to copulate.
Among gorillas, for example, one female copulates with one male during a given fertile period.
Second, a lone large male sometimes foregoes the fighting, guarding, and pairing phases and quickly grabs a paired female and copulates with her; this behavior has been recorded when the female is very close to the egg beds (Video 1).
Resident, related females in the new troops retain an edge over the incoming males in controlling who eats what and who copulates with whom.
The loyal angels copulate in their special way but cannot commit incest.