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cope with (someone or something)

To endure something, usually something unpleasant or undesirable. We need to increase the budget this year—our teachers have coped with a lack of funds for long enough. I can't cope with all of this uncertainty—I need to hear back from the colleges I applied to!
See also: cope

cope with someone or something

to endure someone or something; to manage to deal with someone or something. I don't think I can cope with any more trouble. I can't cope with your being late for work anymore.
See also: cope
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Emotion-focused coping strategies, such as coming to terms with what has happened, reframing thoughts in a positive way, and using humor to cope with stressors, deal more with conveying emotions and changing expectations (Arthur, 1998; Cooper, Katona, & Livingston, 2008).
Cope, campaigning today in central Texas in his effort to unseat incumbent Sen.
Randall and Hopkirk star Mr Cope, who had two spells in Coronation Street in the 1960s, appeared in the witness box at Preston Crown Court during the threeweek trial.
Cope went on the run after the Salford murder with a PS25,000 reward on his head.
Who : Jean-Francois Cope , president of France's UMP Party and main opposition leader to Francois Hollande and the French Socialist Party.
Cope is also an avid gardener, and in his role at Sleeping Lady, he works directly with the gardening staff, who tend the resort's 2-acre organic garden and greenhouse.
Cope, 28, gave himself up when a tip-off led police to the house where he was hiding.
Cope was in a brief "acrimonious" relationship with Miss Ashton, a barmaid at the Duke of York pub in nearby Eccles.
Chief Supt Kevin Mulligan said: "Our efforts to trace Michael Cope are ongoing and we have released this footage in the hope that people may recognise the man filmed, whom we believe to be Michael.
This is a fast-moving inven stigation and I havea declared a suspect who I believe responsible for Linzi's death, a former partner of hers, a local Salford man by the name of Michael Cope.
Cope, just like the eager Sarkozy during the Chirac era, might be the beneficiary of such a situation.
Adolescents, teachers and parents contributed their perceptions of the types of skills adolescents should learn to cope with stressors associated with an impoverished, urban context.
SINGER, author, visionary and hip archaeologist, Julian Cope is still fondly remembered on Merseyside for his time fronting post punklegends The Teardrop Explodes.
CRUCIBLE debutant Andrew Pagett's dream of a possible showdown with practice partner Mark Williams in round two could still happen with the Blackwood qualifier just one frame down to Jamie Cope.