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The Color-Blind Copasetic believes that campus life will be bettered if people stop harping about race.
arrogant and statesmanly in his copasetic pose-jazzman
Even if we only focus on life and the dignity of the human person, that requires much more than a copasetic position on abortion.
After the presentations, the class should spend time discussing how what they did counters the traditions of theatre and to what end it leads them in devising theatrical aesthetics that are copasetic to their generation.
94 on a cheery, color-coordinated makeover intended to make it into a copasetic study environment, below.
NEW YORK, February 11 /PRNewswire/ -- As lovers around the world prepare for Cupid's annual visit, a new study finds that all is not copasetic between the sheets, at least in the United States and United Kingdom.
With that connection, I could move the Tukans back out into the room to the proper distance from my listening position and all was copasetic.