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bald as a coot

Totally bald. My father had long hair as a teen, but now he's bald as a coot.
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be as bald as a coot

To be totally bald. My father had long hair as a teen, but now he's as bald as a coot.
See also: bald, coot

*bald as a coot

 and *bald as a baby's backside
completely bald. (*Also: as ~.) If Tom's hair keeps receding like that, he'll be bald as a coot by the time he's thirty. Fred: Now, I'll admit my hair is thinning a little on the top, butJane: Thinning? You're not thinning, you're as bald as a baby's backside!
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as bald as a coot

completely bald.
The coot (Fulica atra) has a broad white shield extending up from the base of its bill. The history of the word bald is somewhat obscure, but analogies with other northern European languages suggest a connection with the idea of ‘having a white patch or streak’.
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(as) bald as a ˈcoot

having no hair on your head at all: Why did you buy him a hairbrush? He’s as bald as a coot!
A coot is a black bird with a white patch on its forehead that lives on or near water.
See also: bald, coot
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I have seen so many mentors ignorantly tell kids that divers, coots and others are trash birds.
These are the first reported instances of American Coot parasitism on Least Bitterns (see Gibbs et al.
What was completely unexpected was the discovery that coots appeared to count their eggs.
To systematically sample coot breeding habitat, we established a grid of 56 line transects, spaced 8 m apart along north-south cardinal directions from 15 m west of the southwestern shoreline and extending to the eastern point of Southgate Pond just beyond the main coot colony.
To see if coots can count, Lyon compared the records of birds that eventually accepted parasitic eggs with those of birds that rejected them.
Farrington said that coots, multiplying beyond their previous natural limits through the dwindling of predators and an increase in man-made water holes, compete with other water fowl, including rare and endangered species, for food and habitat, and also increase the spread of disease.
Coots were the focus of attention again when a more sedate shot of a mother and chick, taken at WWT Washington Wetland Centre by Max Eve, who lives near Bardon Mill in Northumberland, won the Young Person's section.
Hood knew Coots well, and attended his standing-room only funeral service last week.
In a recent op-ed piece published in The Wall Street Journal, Pastor Coots commented: "In many ways, serpent-handling churches are no different from other religious communities.
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QUARRELSOME coots have gathered in large flocks for winter.