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coordinate with (someone or something)

1. To arrange something with someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coordinate" and "with." If you want to meet, coordinate it with my assistant—he knows my schedule better than I do.
2. To be in harmony with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coordinate" and "with." The pattern of your tie doesn't coordinate with your shirt at all—go change!
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coordinate something with something

1. to make something harmonize with something else. I want to coordinate my hat with my shoes. Is this tie coordinated with my jacket?
2. to synchronize something with something else. Let us coordinate our actions in this matter. I think we should coordinate our departure times with that of Fred.
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Transcription factor Nrf2 coordinately regulates a group of oxidative stress-inducible genes in macrophages.
They reported that the ratio of these two species depended on adsorbates, and that thiols were coordinately bound to the cations through the lone pair of sulphur atoms in both cases.
Mammalian genes coordinately regulated by growth arrest signals and DNA-damaging agents.
The Bill would also direct the Secretary of Transportation to review airline and airport emergency plans for bad weather; (16) work with air carriers to ensure that a pilot operating an aircraft affected by a long departure delay is permitted to return the aircraft to the terminal to allow passengers to deplane without losing its position in the flight's departure sequence; (17) and review air carriers and airports' emergency contingency plans to ensure that the plans will effectively and coordinately address weather emergencies.
These infections are caused by variety of virulence factors that are coordinately controlled by global regulators.
They're being used as a means of constructing three-dimensional arrays of enzymes that operate coordinately and mimic cellular activities without the cell.
This reveals that the brain works coordinately as a whole.
Response element: a DNA sequence that is common to promoters/enhancers of genes whose expression is coordinately regulated.
In this effort, it does not intend to disregard or devalue the effect of media form but rather to show how form and content function differently and coordinately.
Although the lining cell hyperplasia and MMP3 production appear to be coordinately regulated by cytokines such as interleukin 1 and tumor necrosis factor [alpha], (45) the present study showed no correlation between the immunoreactivity and the lining cell hyperplasia.
PEN-2 and APH-1 coordinately regulate proteolytic processing of presenilin 1.
But Waldron finesses it by directing the state to pursue a strategy of minimizing needs that might be thought to justify such intrusions--a strategy which, coordinately, would assure owners that intruders are not needy, but greedy.
Using Multiple Levels of Learning and Diverse Evidence Sources to Uncover Coordinately Controlled Genes.
Analysis of the region upstream of the translation start site has identified potential promoter sequences and a number of regulatory elements, including sequences involved in regulating root gene expression (ATATT), a silencer element characteristic of pathogenesis-related genes (YTGTCWC), and binding sites for Dof proteins (AAAG), transcription factors that coordinately regulate expression of multiple genes in a tissue-specific or inducible manner.
Snake" is related coordinately with "danger," "not predictable" and "quick movement," and these last three stimuli are coordinately related to "fear.
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