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cooperate with (someone or something)

To work together with someone or something, usually to complete a particular task or goal. Getting my toddler to cooperate with me is often an impossible task. We are in no way blaming you for what happened, but you still have to cooperate with the police investigation.
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cooperate with someone (on something)

 and cooperate (with someone) on something
to work together in harmony with someone on something. Please cooperate with me on this project. Can you cooperate on this with me? I hope we can cooperate on this.
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Red Bull cooperated fully with BSA's investigation by correcting any licensing deficiencies and strengthening its software management program," said Bob Kruger, vice president of enforcement for BSA.
The resignation indicated that because the Company had threatened litigation and had not cooperated with the auditors, the auditors were in a conflict of interest and, therefore, resigned.
In this matter, Merrill Lynch, as always, has cooperated fully with regulators and required all of its employees to cooperate as well.
Nicor Gas, the company's gas distribution business, voluntarily self-reported these regulatory matters to FERC and fully cooperated with FERC throughout the process, which FERC expressly acknowledges in the settlement.
Rite Aid said the accounting issues identified in the order were addressed in the restatements of the company's financial statements in 2000 and that Rite Aid has cooperated fully with the SEC investigation.
PacifiCare at that time was advised that it was not a target of the investigation and fully cooperated with the Assistant U.
Throughout the informal inquiry, SCB has fully cooperated with the SEC by voluntarily providing numerous documents and records to the SEC and by making its current and former employees available for interviews by the SEC.
Despite the frequently overlapping and duplicative nature of the investigations, we have fully cooperated with each," said Jack Farley, president of Reliant Energy's Western Region.
First Liberty has cooperated, and will continue to cooperate with state and federal regulators.
The Company has undertaken substantial efforts in uncovering the alleged unlawful acts and has fully cooperated with the authorities in the formal investigation, which has identified potential misdoings over at least the past 10 years.
The company has cooperated fully with the SEC and intends to continue to fully cooperate with any additional requests of the SEC.
Over the last three years, Cisco has cooperated closely with service providers around the world to build large-scale networks that integrate voice, video and data, and we are convinced that our track record with major companies such as AT&T, Cable & Wireless, China Telecom, Qwest and Singapore Telecom, brings to the table enormous experience in the building networks of the future.
Koch has cooperated fully with DOT and will implement all recommendations contained in the directive, said Bill Caffey, Koch's vice president of operations.