cooperate with

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cooperate with (someone or something)

To work together with someone or something, usually to complete a particular task or goal. Getting my toddler to cooperate with me is often an impossible task. We are in no way blaming you for what happened, but you still have to cooperate with the police investigation.
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cooperate with someone (on something)

 and cooperate (with someone) on something
to work together in harmony with someone on something. Please cooperate with me on this project. Can you cooperate on this with me? I hope we can cooperate on this.
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We are certain that we won't cooperate with VMRO-DPMNE.
Meanwhile, in an exclusive conversation with Geo News, former Pakistan opener Nasir Jamshed has denied allegations against him and expressed his willingness to cooperate with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).
Belarus ready to cooperate with Russias Kurgan Oblast in all avenuesI know that the state provides substantial assistance to your agricultural industry.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a ceremony to ink a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with French IFP Group on Tuesday, RIPI Head Hamid-Reza Katouzian said that based on contracts for technological development of storage tanks in the upstream sector of the oil industry, that will be enforced in cooperation with the country's research centers and universities, technological studies on Ahvaz field will be entrusted to the RIPI, which intends to cooperate with IFP in that connection.
In fact, within academic departments women of different social or professional "ranks" cooperate with each other less well than men do, according to Joyce Benenson, an Associate of Harvard's Human Evolutionary Biology Department and Professor of Psychology at Emmanuel College, Richard Wrangham, the Ruth Moore Professor of Biological Anthropology and Henry Markovits, from the University of Quebec at Montreal, the study's co-authors.
Commercial banks in the UAE have been asked to cooperate with a debts settlement fund.
At the same time, Israel is expected to declare its readiness to cooperate with a team that is to be appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, and headed by New Zeland's former president Geoffrey Paler, and including members from the United States, Israel and Turkey.
Summary: Rabat - UN Secretary-General's new Special Representative for the Sahara Hany Abdel-Aziz commended, Thursday in Rabat, the Moroccan authorities' keenness to fully cooperate with the MINURSO.
Monique Moret, a former vice president for the public relations firm, testified that she agreed to cooperate with the federal government's investigation into fraudulent billing at Fleishman-Hillard to secure immunity from prosecution herself.
9, 2004, the following firm was terminated from the AICPA peer review program for failure to cooperate with the AICPA Peer Review Board.
Employees must cooperate with an employer as necessary to complete such background check.
Each criminal has two options: to cooperate with the other by keeping quiet or to defect by squealing on the other.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-18 March 2003-Finnish social democratic MPs want to cooperate with center party - poll(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Crompton will continue to cooperate with the authorities.
One may not cooperate with the evil of killing embryonic stem cells who are human beings in their earliest stage of development (see also the interview of Professor Luno, Zenit, Oct.