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Solon is an unpleasant little cantonment, but it has the advantage of being cool and healthy.
From this cool and shady recess we made a circuit to avoid the overhanging waterfall.
The choice green parcels were now laid on a cloth of banana leaves, and with a cocoa-nut shell we drank the cool water of the running stream; and thus we enjoyed our rustic meal.
The little stream, besides its cool water, produced eels, and cray-fish.
To Pollyanna the air was all the more stifling after that cool breath of the out of doors; but she did not complain.
They seem just as much part of you as the cool of your voice and skin.
Terry Wohlers, RT consultant and president of Wohlers Associates, recalls the case of a PVC part that had a pronounced curve or elbow and suffered from long cycle times and poor part quality: "There was no way to cool that part with traditional gundrilled cooling lines.
As a result, some areas of the mold will not have contact with the water jacket and will not cool as effectively.
In the past, long water cooling units were necessary to cool both air circulation furnaces and rubber profiles cured in microwave plants down to room temperature.
She prefers the idea that blood returning from the nose through a sinus cavity cools the brain directly.
The first closed circuit cools the press hydraulics in summer and winter.
If you're like most San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley homeowners, you're starting to feel the heat about making a cool choice for this summer.
Assume that we are trying to cool one ton of sand per minute.
The gas heats up as it is compressed and cools as it expands.
The 12-ft-long, four-zone tank cools profiles without water, thus eliminating environmental concerns over water disposal.