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Within six weeks they'll be about an inch high and ready for a coolish windowsill.
Scalloping's a great way to entertain the entire family, and a way to stay in the coolish Gulf waters for hours at a time.
There is a suggestion that there could be an appreciable amount of rain on Thursday, when it gets milder, and that it could get coolish on Friday night.
The overall winner for the sixth successive year was the current senior national champion Jim Henderson, from Southport CC, who was not daunted by a coolish headwind and a breaking road surface and clocked 4-20.
The other creature is the orangy, small tortoiseshell butterfly, which also hibernates in coolish places and wakes up if it becomes too warm .
Cooper said: 'There is no rain around and tonight will be coolish.
Lotte will apply the proprietary method for manufacturing its Coolish products - slushy, sorbet-like ice desserts packaged in individual foil pouches.
Yesterday thermometers were soaring past the 20C mark though there might have been a coolish breeze on the coast.
That's not the highest of the summer but it's definitely the highest for September which has been a coolish month.