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uk using the words COOLEST KIDS in the subject line The deadline for entering is Wednesday February 23.
The top 20 coolest brands also included luxury car brand Ferrari, but the humbler Mini also makes an appearance at number 16 on the list.
The CoolBrands programme pays tribute to the UK's coolest brands and is accompanied by a book, newspaper supplement and a website profiling the 500 qualifying brands.
It's a collection of standalone essays, all of them variations on the theme of the iPod being the coolest device ever invented.
Although we didn't see one, among the coolest of the more than 100 species found throughout the year is the saw-whet owl.
While being a head chef may seem like the coolest part of her job, Scott really enjoys spending time in the dining rooms to ensure that her guests are happy.
SUPERMODEL Caprice is teaming up with The People to find Britain's coolest pooch.
Fashion label Diesel apparently makes the coolest clothes.
From the final list they picked five brands considered as the coolest of the cool.
Coolest features: Gel-Tek recoil pad; integral recoil reducer; Weaver rail for scope mounting; comes with sling and hard case.
Harrison's perennial bad guy with a conscience, Jim DiGriz, is reintroduced to new readers, The stories flow seamlessly together to present a vivid picture of the coolest criminal in galactic history.
Jericho Prescott, a hefty 16-year-old trumpet whiz, can't believe his luck when he is asked to pledge for the Warriors of Distinction, the coolest club at Frederick Douglass High.
A sensational makeover has taken place at the Foundry Niteclub, Carlow, Ireland, where Gooding Aluminium's stunning range of Impressional decorative cladding panels has been given star billing in creating the coolest hotspot in town.
poll (answered by more than 1000 kids) Which is the coolest thing to do on a computer?