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AO Coolers were the first to introduce these innovative coolers over 20 years ago.
Shopkeepers said that like every year, this summer too people, particularly those belonging to middle class were showing keen interest in Lahori Coolers.
But they may have made the wrong decision as it seems there is demand for the coolers after all.
Many customers complained that the prices of Air Coolers had significantly increased as compared to the previous year.
Coolers are run on each of three flushing benches in two-hour stints.
And so, the NH-D15 stands out as the best performer among air coolers for a performance that blew most air coolers out of the water.
In the last two months, together, the friends have set up 58 water coolers across common areas of residential communities, construction sites and mosques across Dubai and Sharjah.
Arsalan, a resident of G-7 said that even those people are buying air coolers who already had installed air-conditioners at their residence, due to the severe increase in the load-shedding and an increase in the electricity tariff prices.
In the stay-cool department, the high-end coolers excelled, keeping ice for at least six days.
Maestro Pressure Coolers have their own bottling plant that enables them to make bulk deliveries of water cooler bottles for varying sectors.
On the other hand, Impco commenced the import of Symphony's residential plastic air coolers for the North, South and Latin American markets.
As the hot and dry weather persists since the start of June, the condition ideally suits the use of room coolers, which also provide a comfortable humidity inside houses by spraying a small amount of water into the air.
The LCCAC technology allows the coolers to be incorporated into the ducting between the turbo/super charger and the engine or integrated into the intake manifold, minimising air-pressure losses through the cooler and improving engine bay layout.
The Walk-In cooler Efficiency Kit includes a pre-wired control/load center with enclosure, magnetic reed on/off door switch and a K-Zone air curtain that's engineered specifically for walk-in coolers/freezers, according to company officials.
In foundry practice external coolers are used in casting moulds in order to ensure local acceleration of cast part cooling and solidification for one of the following purposes: