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The company has developed and offers non-surgical, anesthesia-free, catheter-based treatments that use a proprietary cooled microwave technology for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition that affects more than 23 million men worldwide.
Additionally, this study demonstrated that the average volume of necrosis with the Cooled ThermoCath was greater than with the earlier generation of catheter.
Selzer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Urologix, stated, "The data presented at this year's AUA meeting continues to demonstrate the benefits of Cooled ThermoTherapy over alternative BPH treatment options, including medicine, surgery and other minimally invasive treatments.
The AUA's BPH Treatment Guidelines, which outlines recommended treatments for BPH and will be published in late 2001, includes the use of Cooled ThermoTherapy.
In addition to the guideline recommendations and presentations, several studies were presented covering research in new areas where Cooled ThermoTherapy may be advantageous for other urological conditions.
Successful treatment of solid tumors and pre-treatment of cancer patients using Cooled ThermoTherapy indicate the types of treatments that can open many new markets to Urologix.
Cooled ThermoCath combines an innovative new design with unique materials that enhance the cooling of the urethra during treatment.
I have treated a significant number of patients with the Cooled ThermoCath product and have been impressed by the enhanced patient comfort profile," commented Dr.
Urologix' Targis and Prostatron Systems are the only treatments available that utilize a specialized cooling mechanism, known as Cooled ThermoTherapy, to treat BPH.
Michael Selzer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Urologix, stated, "The Cooled ThermoCath platform represents Urologix' commitment to setting a higher standard of care for the many men who suffer from BPH by providing office-based treatment options that deliver long term relief.
Selzer continued, "The extremely positive feedback we are receiving from physicians performing Cooled ThermoTherapy underscores the benefits created by the procedure's unique ability to cool and preserve healthy tissue.
This high-level of interest and excitement is a result of the clinically proven benefits of cooled microwave treatment and the greater flexibility for both physicians and patients provided by an office-based procedure.
In July of this year, the Fifth International Consultation on BPH presented information to the World Health Organization in Paris in which TUMT (transurethral microwave thermotherapy), or cooled thermotherapy, was endorsed as the only minimally invasive BPH procedure that required no anesthesia.
Reimbursement for office-based cooled thermotherapy represents a significant opportunity for physicians and patients.
A minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure, cooled thermotherapy requires a single visit for a full treatment.