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It represents a balance between temperature and time during which molten iron goes through its various freezing phases from molten to fully cooled iron in the shortest practical period.
The masterbatch passes from the primary mixer into the tandem mixer below, where it is cooled and finish-mixed while the next masterbatch is being prepared in the upper mixer.
The conduction cooled VPF1 products are shipping now with standard lead times being 4 to 6 weeks ARO.
Durable, compact, and self-contained portable chillers, air- and water cooled in 0.
It then flows over a weir into the pre-cooling section in the lower portion of the unit where it is cooled in a fluid bed to 600-750F.
Properly cooled sand will contribute immeasurably to the ability to produce high quality castings in green sand.
The new catheter incorporates a longer antenna for those patients with longer urethral lengths, thus requiring increased heating of tissue, and uses Urologix unique Cooled ThermoCath catheter design.
The cooled gas is injected at pressures of 1500 to 3000 psi and the flow continues at a rate of 150 to 200 liters/mm to continue pressurizing the part during cooling.
We are very pleased with the proposed increase in reimbursement rates for Cooled ThermoTherapy procedures performed in the hospital out-patient department," commented Michael Selzer, Jr.
One oil unit can supply two clamshell molds, one being heated while the other is being cooled.
Urologix' Cooled ThermoTherapy products, Targis(TM) and Prostatron(R), were the focus of significant discussion at AUA and the subject of more than 10 presentations at the meeting, including papers featuring potential new applications for the technology.
This circuit is cooled by the tower water via heat exchanger.
Urologix Inc, (NASDAQ:ULGX) today announced that 30 patients have been treated under a feasibility study for its new Cooled ThermoCath(TM) BPH treatment technology.
In the Vulcain 2 nozzle, the upper half is cooled by liquid hydrogen pumped through the tubes which comprise the wall.