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and, says he, `You must have an uncommon cook, Mrs.
The cook threw a frying-pan after her as she went out, but it just missed her.
When the cook had recovered from her fright she lifted up the fish which had fallen into the ashes, but she found them as black as cinders, and not fit to serve up to the Sultan.
said the cook, who loved good fare as well as a good fight; and they both laid by their swords and fell to the food with hearty will.
But it was much worse when the cook dropped the potatoes and held out his hands for the fiddle.
And now the old cook herself got on her legs, and went with the three servants in pursuit of the children.
said the Cook, "thou art no better than a thief, I wot.
And the count turned to the cook, who, with a shrewd and respectful expression, looked observantly and sympathetically at the father and son.
We will," said the Wizard; "and thank you very much, Cook, for the suggestion.
But, Aunty, when I begin in good earnest to learn to cook don't you think the brains that enable me to win a mathematical scholarship will also enable me to learn cooking just as well?
The workmen's cook, who had had a sleep after dinner and was now getting the samovar ready for her husband, turned cheerfully to Nikita, and infected by his hurry began to move as quickly as he did, got down his miserable worn-out cloth coat from the stove where it was drying, and began hurriedly shaking it out and smoothing it down.
In fact, it was expedient to cook sitting down; standing up, he was too often in his own way.
The Chink is a ship's cook, and the nigger belongs to me.
The one question that troubled them now was what they were to cook.
The next witnesses--the gardener and the cook at Gleninch--wound the chain of hostile evidence around the prisoner more mercilessly still.