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convulse someone with something

to cause someone to quake or jerk because of pain or emotion. (Can be physical or figurative; see examples.) He convulsed with abdominal pain from something he ate. The audience was convulsed with laughter.
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He said that it would make her convulse and she would vomit and die on her own vomit,'' Williams added.
Giving evidence at today's inquest, Det Supt Keith Gardner said that minutes later Mr Marshall became very ill and started to have fits and convulse.
Ryan was only 8 hours old when his body began to convulse from his first brain seizure.
Justin Schmidt, ant expert, said that if the bullet ant bits, one's muscles become incredibly weak, body convulses, lips swell and eyelids droop.
As Europe convulses over seemingly unpayable debts and other economic troubles, British novelist and journalist A.
She is relieved I am not crying-- my crying is strange for her-- but I cannot hide what convulses the body: it is not her grief as I rise except that it is mine except that you are my mother-- this much she understands although you never wanted to know her.
EVERY FEW centuries the Christian community convulses in a period of acute upheaval.
Sure, there are scenes in which she belligerently blows up at her family when they miss their marks at the taping of a Christmas special and where she convulses Vesuvius-like at Kmart executives marketing her merchandise, but at its heart, it trots out conventionally uninspired biographical material.
Meek's agonized solo as the evening's first victim astounds: suspended by one arm in a tucked position, he convulses for several scary minutes.