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convince of (something)

To cause someone to believe that something is true. A noun or pronoun can be used between "convince" and "of." You have no experience in as a receptionist, so good luck convincing them of your qualifications for this job. You'll have a hard time convincing me of that.
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convince someone of something

to persuade someone that something is true. You will never convince me of what you say. I will probably convince myself of the need to find a better job.
See also: convince, of
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This is a big time struggle for him because there were a lot of problems that he faced to convince his parents and his entire family.
Van Patten says he was able to convince the government that the new powerhouse is not a traditional coal-burning facility.
He convinces Casey that she will need money and recruits her to rob an old woman.
Even if the MBTA convinces the courts that it does not operate a public forum, its decisions about which messages to allow must still be "reasonable," and it may not discriminate based on viewpoint.
The salesperson does not need to convince the customer; the customer convinces himself or herself.