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convey something (from someone or something) (to someone or something)

to carry or transport something from someone or something to someone, something, or some place. I conveyed the box from the table to the basement. Please convey every good wish from those of us in the Midwest to those on the East Coast. Would you convey my blessings to the newlyweds?

Give my best to someone

 and All the best to someone.
Please convey my good wishes to a particular person. (The someone can be a person's name or a pronoun. See also Say hello to someone (for me).) Alice: Good-bye, Fred. Give my best to your mother. Fred: Sure, Alice. Good-bye. Tom: See you, Bob. Bob: Give my best to Jane. Tom: I sure will. Bye. Bill: Bye, Rachel. All the best to your family. Rachel: Thanks. Bye.
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Made from 100 percent recycled paperboard produced in Sonoco's paper mills, ReadyGrow biodegradable planters are conveyable and sustainable in a commercial greenhouse environment and biodegrade in soil within 180 days of planting.
He also said the group used a ranking system that favored bases spending a lot of money, and warned that by moving workers, the Pentagon is in danger of treating top military scientists and engineers ``as interchangeable, conveyable, replicable items much like military housing, piers and hangar space.
White concludes: "We have not on the whole exploited the possibilities of using images as a principal medium of discursive representation, using verbal commentary only diacritically, that is to say, to direct attention to, specify, and emphasize a meaning conveyable by visual means alone.
Thus, children have only TU = here&now and TT/TSit at their disposal; this severely constrains the range of temporal information conveyable by grammatical means.
The third, and possibly most possibly explanation, is the phenomenon described by Sadalla and Sheets (29) whereby materials are seen as embodying unique character or "personality" and that these qualities are in some way conveyable to the people who use those materials.
Two bases are available: the standard 4-way fork entry, and new conveyable 2-way fork entry model.
The automated facility will have the capacity to sort conveyable shipments to a peak capacity of up to 20,000 parcels and 20,000 documents per hour.
Therefore, gold, silver, bronze, and things of that sort are easily conveyable and useful and they determined that they would be equitable to exchange for things.