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convey something (from someone or something) (to someone or something)

to carry or transport something from someone or something to someone, something, or some place. I conveyed the box from the table to the basement. Please convey every good wish from those of us in the Midwest to those on the East Coast. Would you convey my blessings to the newlyweds?

Give my best to someone

 and All the best to someone.
Please convey my good wishes to a particular person. (The someone can be a person's name or a pronoun. See also Say hello to someone (for me).) Alice: Good-bye, Fred. Give my best to your mother. Fred: Sure, Alice. Good-bye. Tom: See you, Bob. Bob: Give my best to Jane. Tom: I sure will. Bye. Bill: Bye, Rachel. All the best to your family. Rachel: Thanks. Bye.
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8220;Ultimate Office Tech is joining a growing list of master agent groups that are sponsoring Convey Engage sites,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey Services.
Lloyd Davies, managing director of Convey Law said: "The Convey Law Free Legal Fee Competition has raised a staggering amount of money since its inception.
Convey went to the Avalon Hotel, in Whitley Bay, on April 5, before telling staff he was taking his clothing to the cleaners and making off without paying his PS240 bill.
Convey went to the Avalon Hotel, in Whitley Bay, on April 5, spinning a yarn about working in Durham and waiting for his parents to return from abroad.
I feel a phone call is the best way, that is how I convey my greetings to my friends and relatives back home in Pakistan.
Another impression many people want to convey is likeability and dynamism.
Angry'' doesn't maintain veracity throughout its thematic through line but still manages to convey a compelling history of self-imposed human dysfunction.
People's limited chances to convey mail from one place to another had a constraining effect comparable to limited opportunities to learn the art of letter writing.
The disconcerting changes of plans that left the pilgrim stranded for a week before beginning the arduous trek to Sinai, the bitter cold wind on the night before the final ascent, the author's nighttime dreams of death, all convey the rigors of his quest.
Legend has it that Convey was inspired to stage such an exposition after his young son begged him to fix a broken radio receiver at their home in Des Plaines, outside of Chicago.
The Church must always seek to convey accurately in translation the texts she has inherited from the biblical, liturgical, and patristic tradition and instruct the faithful in their proper meaning.
My hope is that the students will take seriously the power of both methods to convey knowledge--as well as to convey falsehood.
If a picture paints a thousand words, can a sculpture convey what words cannot?
Shuffle-type conveying with minimum vertical acceleration to convey bare castings without noise.
Whether the speaker is mildly amused, delighted, or hysterical, his thoughts might be expressed in essentially the same signs, but facial expressions convey the mood intended.