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Up to this point we were focused on applications only, converging one Service to JTCW hardware and software and the other Service to FBCB2 hardware and software.
The Army and Marine Corps had very different communications architectures; even after converging applications, data would not be exchanged until a communications bridge between the architectures was developed and fielded.
Not only are the typical players involved from both Services and SOCOM, but also, as a result of the high-profile nature of converging, the development has the interest of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, DoD, and the Joint Staff.
Patient Compliance: Converging Toward a Common Goal provides a detailed analysis of compliance within each specific market.
Patient Compliance: Converging Toward a Common Goal also provides pharmaceutical companies with an understanding of what their competitors are doing to combat non-compliance and how key prescribers and pharmacists utilize their interventions.
For more information about Patient Compliance: Converging Toward a Common Goal or other studies in Verispan's Strategic Studies suite, please contact Stacy Mecham or Tara Hamm at (267) 685-4300; stacy.
With the addition of the Flexion managed communications solution, Ingram Micro's Converging Technologies Group will strengthen its existing convergence portfolio by offering an integrated voice and data solution for small businesses, a segment not traditionally targeted by telephony providers.
With the addition of Flexion's BusinessGuardian solution to our product portfolio, we are able to provide an end-to-end solution to the SMB technology solution provider," said Sally Stanton, general manager of the Converging Technologies Group, Ingram Micro U.
With 12 major sessions in two power-packed tracks the Converging Digital Peripherals and Communication Supplies market issues will be addressed in conjunction with today's distinct market environments of SoCoHo users, Home Users, Workgroups and Production.
In addition to the 2 days focussed on converging digital peripherals and supplies issues CAP Ventures offers its first ever `World Internet Messaging Symposium' optional day.
VITAL's expertise spans converging data, voice and video networks, and products of all leading telecommunications vendors.
The Converging Digital Peripherals Consulting Service (CDP) provides strategic focus on copying, printing, faxing, and scanning in converging digital markets.
If your future depends upon understanding where the converging markets are headed, the impact of networking, and the digitalization of the document, then you can not afford to miss CDP/IOC '99", Pesko continued.