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the conventional/received wisdom

knowledge or information that people generally believe is true, although in fact it is often false The conventional wisdom is that marriage makes a relationship more secure, but as the divorce rates show, this is not necessarily true.
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conventional wisdom

A widely held belief on which most people act. For example, According to conventional wisdom, an incumbent nearly always wins more votes than a new candidate . This term was invented by John Kenneth Galbraith, who used it in The Affluent Society (1958) to describe economic ideas that are familiar, predictable, and therefore accepted by the general public. Today it is used in any context where public opinion has considerable influence on the course of events.
See also: conventional, wisdom
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Fire Alarm Panels by Product Segment - Conventional Panels,
Instead of the conventional fixed rate deals, floating rate deals have become popular as well.
He was a 10-handicapper with the conventional swing and now is a 10-handicapper with the Natural Golf swing.
During both conventional phases, 60% of samples contained MDA, and 78% of samples contained TCPY.
Another problem with conventional freezing is that it leaves a significant amount of bacteria in food even at temperatures below -60[degrees]C.
The tire was mounted on a conventional 15" by 7" steel wheel.
At an actual screening site, detection of active compounds (compounds that are effective for drug purposes when they interact with protein in some form) is rare, thus discovery of active compounds has been one of the issues with conventional screening methods such as random screening to date.
Conventional toolmaking is limited by two factors: One is the modest thermal conductivity of standard tool steels like H-13, P-20, or stainless, which are chosen for hardness and/or corrosion resistance.
To this point, we have been discussing what might be termed conventional tissue papermaking.
According to the report, "Anyone eating more than one serving of conventional fruits and vegetables a day is likely to consume one or more pesticide residues.
The results indicate that lapping with the tea-based slurry renders heads about as smooth as does processing with a conventional slurry, Lombardi told Science News.
Precision castings can be made by conventional sand technologies but often require considerable skills.
An American automaker (Kasmer and the company in question asked us not to mention its name) is providing a large SUV that Kasmer will fit with a Hydristor drive in place of the conventional automatic transmission.
Today most CT systems are capable of "spiral" (also called "helical") scanning as well as scanning in the formerly more conventional "axial" mode.
By 2010, the feds hope, fleet mandates will help reduce conventional gasoline use by 30 percent.
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