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contribute to (something)

1. To give or add something to something. Are you planning to contribute to the toy drive again this year? I think you should keep Eric because he really contributes a lot to our team.
2. To be a factor or catalyst for a particular occurrence or event. I'm sorry, I think sleep deprivation contributed to my outburst just then. What factors contributed to the start of the First World War?
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contribute something (to someone) (for someone or something)

to donate something to someone for the benefit of someone or something. I hope you will contribute at least a dollar to Mary for Tom's birthday present. Will you contribute a dollar for Tom to Mary when she comes around? Can you contribute a dollar for the gift?

contribute to something

1. to donate something to some cause. Please contribute to the fund for the needy.
2. to add to or exacerbate something. The dry weather contributed to the failure of the crops.
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Those who from pure religious motives contribute to the support of this enterprise should take care to ascertain that their donations, flowing through many devious channels, at last effect their legitimate object, the conversion of the Hawaiians.
At the same time, I entreat her to believe that the information which I have derived from her Diary will in no respect help me to contribute to that failure.
If this be so, fancy the irresistibleness of that might, to which the most impalpable and destructive of all elements contributes.
But nothing contributes more to produce a clearness of diction that is remote from commonness than the lengthening, contraction, and alteration of words.
Peter Craig, our enterprising literary editor, contributes a touching love story.
PREI would contribute an amount of cash equal to the aggregate agreed value of the contributed projects, net of indebtedness, plus the increase of up to $20.
Shareholders would form a partnership and contribute their stock to the new partnership.
In 2005, CNF contributed a total of $127 million to its DB plans, and the company expects to contribute $75 million to the plans in 2006.
This rule ignores the fact that teachers contribute to their retirement benefits and many contribute to Social Security when employed outside of the classroom.
Average individuals are now entitled to contribute far less to the candidates of their choice than they were in previous elections.
And, Forster said, studies with monkeys also suggest that free radicals contribute to aging.
Through PortletSwap, JBoss community members can contribute and share a growing number of pre-configured portlets, which are reusable Web components that display relevant information, such as enterprise application data and access, email, and news.
Combining the power of music, community and volunteerism to breed a new generation of volunteers, the partnership is exposing young people to simple ways they can proactively contribute to their community through volunteerism and have fun doing it.
An assets-up transaction is one in which the dividing partnership distributes its assets to its partners, who then contribute the assets to the resulting partnerships for interests in the latter.
Also, unlike a Roth IRA, there are no income limits determining who can contribute to the new Roth 401(k).