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contrast (someone or something) with (someone or something)

1. To highlight the differences between two people or things. A noun or pronoun can be used between "contrast" and "with." Now contrast Joe's unenthusiastic reaction with Sally's unbridled glee over the news.
2. To be obviously or clearly different from someone or something else. I think the paint color of the trim contrasts with the walls nicely.
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contrast (someone or something) with (someone or something else)

 and contrast (someone or something) to (someone or something else)
to examine people or things in a way that will show their differences. Contrast Sally with Sam, for instance, to see real differences. Contrast the busy geometry of a Gothic cathedral to the simple lines of an old Saxon castle.
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contrast with someone or something

1. to be different from someone or something. Bill's cheery attitude really contrasts with the gloom of his twin brother, Bob. This stiped tie really contrasts with that polka-dot shirt.
2. [for a color or pattern, etc.] to show a marked difference with or complement another. The black one contrasts nicely with the white one.
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The Contrasting Fates of Blackpool and Coney Island
Most obvious were the affects of contrasting roles of public authority and reformers in the two countries.
There was still another (albeit related) difference that helps explain the contrasting fates of Blackpool and Coney--the playful crowds themselves and what they suggest about differences in British and American culture and social classes.
We showed interesting examples of why and how Coney and Blackpool experienced very different fates in the 20th century, allowing us to focus on a number of contrasting inputs: the impact of automobility, state, social composition of crowds, middle-class attitudes toward these playful crowds, and other national/cultural values.
We also elucidated contrasting responses of elites to these crowds and very different approaches toward reconstituting the idea of playful crowds that draw on different elements of the critique of industrial saturnalia in and through Disney and Beamish.