contrast with

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contrast (someone or something) with (someone or something else)

 and contrast (someone or something) to (someone or something else)
to examine people or things in a way that will show their differences. Contrast Sally with Sam, for instance, to see real differences. Contrast the busy geometry of a Gothic cathedral to the simple lines of an old Saxon castle.

contrast with someone or something

1. to be different from someone or something. Bill's cheery attitude really contrasts with the gloom of his twin brother, Bob. This stiped tie really contrasts with that polka-dot shirt.
2. [for a color or pattern, etc.] to show a marked difference with or complement another. The black one contrasts nicely with the white one.
References in classic literature ?
In painful contrast to them stands commonplaceness, always a fatal fault.
But it seemed doubtful whether he looked out for the sake of contemplation or of turning his back to a person who stood in the middle of the room, with his legs considerably apart and his hands in his trouser-pockets: a person in all respects a contrast to the sleek and cool Rigg.
And this noisiness, this exultation at the moment of the ship's departure, make a tremendous contrast to the silent moments of her arrival in a foreign roadstead - the silent moments when, stripped of her sails, she forges ahead to her chosen berth, the loose canvas fluttering softly in the gear above the heads of the men standing still upon her decks, the master gazing intently forward from the break of the poop.
I suppose that ancient Greece and modern Greece compared, furnish the most extravagant contrast to be found in history.
Oh, he is a great contrast to me, I have no doubt" said Newman.
It's a striking contrast to your noble and virtuous attachment--a vile contrast
Bingley was endeared to Darcy by the easiness, openness, and ductility of his temper, though no disposition could offer a greater contrast to his own, and though with his own he never appeared dissatisfied.
At the end of the yard a dark mass, tinted with a dingy blue by the morning dawn, rose before him, its dark outlines standing out in contrast to the houses already illuminated by the pale light of early morning.
His head, on the whole of which the hair had been permitted to grow, the pursuits of war having so long been abandoned, was encircled by a sort of plated diadem, which, in its turn, bore lesser and more glittering ornaments, that sparkled amid the glossy hues of three drooping ostrich feathers, dyed a deep black, in touching contrast to the color of his snow-white locks.
41) How much the impact of these results will change the practice of exercising caution in administering contrast to patients with decreased renal function remains to be seen.
We launched and have continued to build on Contrast to respond to the needs of enterprises that have been woefully underserved by legacy application security providers and technologies," said Jeff Williams, founder and CTO of Contrast Security.
This timing allows the end of the second phase bolus of contrast to densely enhance the central vessels (pulmonary veins and arteries), while the lead portion of this second bolus will have reached the descending aorta in almost all patients.
We replaced the place mats with dark blue ones so that the white plate, white napkin and silverware stood out in sharp contrast to the haw blue background.
McSweeney and Weatherly (1998) attribute behavioral contrast to a different comparison (e.
In contrast to Tudeau-Clayton's emphasis on original materials and their early contexts, he begins with assumptions about the author's "figure" in the work; a character's remnants of mental activity "offstage"; and the reader's involvement with the central figures (7).