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contrary to popular opinion

Opposite to what is popularly or generally expected or believed. Usually used to introduce such a statement. Contrary to popular opinion, higher taxes end up benefiting people more than lower ones.

contrary to all reason

Despite what definitely should be the case. Describes an occurence that is unthinkable or unimaginable. And then, contrary to all reason, I found that my bank account was totally depleted. There should have still been thousands of dollars in there!
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contrary to something

in spite of something that seems to suggest otherwise; regardless of something else. Contrary to what you might think, I am neat and tidy. Contrary to public opinion, my uncle is well and healthy.
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to the contrary

 and on the contrary
as the opposite of what has been stated; contrary to what has been stated. The brown horse didn't beat the black horse. To the contrary, the black one won. Among spiders, the male is not the larger one. On the contrary, the female is larger.
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on the contrary

just the opposite, esp. of something said or believed The evidence of history, on the contrary, shows that these ancient people had a very advanced culture.
Usage notes: often used to disagree with someone or something and to present new information
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to the contrary

suggesting or showing that the opposite is true Unless you have specific information to the contrary, it is obvious that she is lying.
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contrary to popular belief/opinion

something that you say before you make a statement that is the opposite of what most people believe Contrary to popular belief, bottled water is not always better than tap water.
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on the contrary

It's the opposite, as in Is his shoulder hurting?-On the contrary, it's all better, or We thought you didn't like opera.-On the contrary, I love it. This phrase, at first put as by or for or in the contrary, dates from the late 1300s; on has been used since the mid-1800s.
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to the contrary

To the opposite effect, in denial, as in No matter what they say to the contrary, I am positive that he was present. This idiom was first recorded in 1512. Also see on the contrary.
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by contraries

In opposition to what is expected.
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on the contrary

In opposition to what has been stated or what is expected: I'm not sick; on the contrary, I'm in the peak of health.
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to the contrary

To the opposite effect from what has been stated or what is expected: Despite what you say to the contrary, this contract is fair.
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Contrarily, these thought prisoners seldom spend quality thinking time to question the state of affairs.
Contrarily, the large market share from the ARBs is due to the relatively high cost of therapy and the presence of branded options still on the market.
Contrarily, most of the teachers hold students responsible for joining these centres.
Contrarily, November and February saw few coalition fatalities.
Therefore the report that 13 percent of Muslim population is in prison is contrarily to the facts.
According to Fox News, NSA said that none of the abuses involved violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) or the USA Patriot Act, which were contrarily highlighted by whistleblower Edward Snowden in his leaks.
Contrarily, the male elephant was of opposite nature allowing none to have contact with him.
Speaking to the press after his meeting with the Sudanese president, Al-Faleem told reporters that the meetings will discuss Juba refusal to appoint a Sudanese at the head of the area's legislative council, contrarily to the provisions of last year agreement.
Contrarily to dolphins, porpoises rarely leap out of the water so you have to be very lucky to notice them.
lt;br /> Contrarily, 49 percent of Democrats think they should be able to unionize.
Contrarily, they may also look for a candle close below support as an indication of a bearish-reversal.
In addition, Obama opposed permanent US bases in Iraq, contrarily to Bush and McCain who insisted on having them, though they claim now that the issue is in the hands of the Iraqi government.
Contrarily, eating fibrous fruit and vegetables bulks out the stomach and cleans your bowel and gut.
Bellmer's, contrarily, is embodied in La Poupee, a girlish doll with movable and rearrangeable parts; he built several versions of the doll over the years, photographing them incessantly.
Contrarily, recyclers can tell many tales of "market rejections," when the same or even higher-quality material is rejected when mill managers find themselves with more inventory than they require.