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contract out

To give a job or assignment to an outside entity (so as to avoid doing the job oneself). A noun or pronoun can be used between "contract" and "out" or after "out." We contracted the project out because no one on our staff has the time to scan all of those documents.
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contract with (someone or something)

To agree with someone or a group to do something. No one on our staff has the time to scan all of those documents, so we'll contract with a company that can do it for us.
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contract something out

to make an agreement with someone to do a specific amount of work. (Rather than doing it oneself or in one's own place of business.) I will contract this out and have it done by consultants. I contracted out this kind of job the last time.
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contract with someone (for something)

 and contract (with someone) for something
to make an agreement with someone to produce or supply something, or to do something. I will have to contract with an expert for that part of the project. We contracted with a local builder for a new kitchen. Did you contract for plumbing work with Eric?
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put a contract out on someone

[for an underworld character] to order someone to kill someone else. The mob put out a contract on some crook from Detroit.
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contract out

To engage another person or company by contract to undertake some job that is typically considered part of one's business: Many companies contract out administrative tasks in order to concentrate on sales and marketing.
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No Medicare payment will be made for privately contracted services
Lest he seem to have deliberately contracted to marry two women, the lady agrees to pretend to sue for his hand in court.
School district B, needing more classrooms, could buy them through a cooperative purchasing agreement with school district A--which had already contracted with a modular provider; i.
As the ESPC program has grown, KAFB has contracted out its civil engineering functions to a civil engineering services contractor (CESCO).
Under the proposed regulations, completion of a long-term contract would have to be determined without regard to whether a dispute exists at the time the taxpayer tenders the subject matter of the contract to the party with whom the taxpayer has contracted.
The contracted is expected to commence in approximately September 2006, following the estimated completion in March 2006 of an existing contract with ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) offshore Angola, and an estimated 150 days of out-of-service time for mobilization, maintenance and contract preparation.
GSA reportedly estimates that approximately $35 billion (in products and services) will be contracted through CONNECTIONS during the term of the contract.
The USAID has contracted with the Company for a very broad-based survey on the status of primary and secondary education in numerous developing nations.
When it comes to the administration of service contracts, proper oversight is even more critical because in these contracts there is often no end product that can be pointed to as the result of the expenditure of tax dollars; rather, there is supposed to be monitoring and surveillance of the contractor to ensure they are providing the services contracted for in accordance with the terms of the agreement.