continue with

continue with (something)

To maintain the action that one has been doing. After that unexplained crash in the hallway, the professor had a hard time continuing with his lecture.
See also: continue

continue with something

to keep doing whatever was being done before. Oh, please continue with your discussion. Do you mind if I continue with my knitting as we talk?
See also: continue
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In addition, the Company plans to continue with its strategy to reposition its Johnny Lightning[R] brand targeting younger consumers.
The next wave of casino development in Las Vegas that began with Wynn Las Vegas' opening in April 2005 will continue with Las Vegas Sands' Palazzo opening in Fall 2007.
Fitch also expects the industry trend of weakening credit metrics (mostly driven by higher debt levels) will continue with operating margins, free cash flow, and working capital efficiency potentially peaking in 2007.
Our job is to get results and form partnerships that allow us to continue with the needed work in getting the lives normalized for hundreds of families.
The L&P recovery looks set to continue with continued strong investment performance where good results were driven largely by investment gains.
Management believes it is in the Company's best interest to continue with the CNQ, especially in light of the great progress made by the CNQ in increasing its network of dealers.