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Negative correlations were discovered between longitude and the mean temperature of the coldest month (MTCM), the sum of negative temperatures (SNT), the duration of the vegetation period (VP), and the mean annual sunshine duration (MASD), while the correlations are positive with the mean temperature of the warmest month (MTWM), Conrad's continentality index (CCI), and Rasins's continentality index (RCI).
The extreme continentality and high altitude lead to very severe conditions and create an unusual climate, especially in the central region of Atakor, which is dotted with steep igneous extrusions (phonolites).
Continentality measures (CVPRE, CONTPRE, MINTMP, CVTMP) were more important in explaining compositional gradients in western Oregon, especially in the Coast subregion, than in eastern Oregon (Table 8, [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED]).
At the detailed comparison it is established that the maximum ranges on all climatic factors and illumination are noted in a floodplain of Small Kokshaga at the CPU of seven types; on a thermoclimatic factor--at the CPU of 13 types; on scales of continentality and ombroklimatic--at the CPU of 14 types to fractions.
I have argued elsewhere, however, that the designation captures not only a contingent relation to Europe, but also a certain commitment with European continentality as a project as well as Eurocentric conceptions of space and time.
Smaller continentality than in group B with high precipitation and similar thermal pattern.
C] years BP, brought about by reduced continentality and a commensurate increase in effective moisture.
Continentality A characteristic of climate in large landmasses where the land heats and cools quickly, creating large daily and yearly changes in temperature.
Increased continentality may thus have contributed to decreased rainfall, particularly in present-day coastal areas.
It is, however, known that the montane climate is highly conditioned by altitude and topography, and that on a planetary scale, both latitude and continentality introduce very important changes.
Furthermore, there is a continentality gradient which tends to increase from more western areas, near the Atlantic coast, inland (PEINADO LORCA & RIVAS-MARTINEZ, 1987; GAVILAN & al.
Particular foci of the evaluation described here are the relationships of changing extremes to season, to continentality (land vs.
The main factors which determine the climate are very much influenced by latitude, even though other parameters such as the degree of continentality or altitude tend to vary them.
Ecology: Siliceous and thermomediterranean, with low continentality indexes (at least Evident Eu-oceanic)