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pissing contest

A useless or trivial argument, competition, or comparison. Whenever Jeff and Tim hang out, they always get into this pissing contest about who's the bigger sci-fi fanatic. If you two are quite finished with your little pissing contest, do you think we might get back to work now?
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dick measuring contest

vulgar slang A petty competition among individuals (usually men) who are trying to prove that they are better at something than the others. You're all good golfers, OK? Now can we please stop this ridiculous dick measuring contest? I hate how these political debates always seem to turn into a dick measuring contest, with each candidate trying to outdo the others.
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no contest

1. Lit. [in games] a situation where one team fails to appear for a competition. It was declared no contest because the opposing team was stuck in traffic out on the expressway.
2. Fig. a situation where the winner-to-be of a contest is obvious even before holding the contest. It was no contest. The wrestler was so big and strong that no one could have defeated him.
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not going to win any beauty contests

Fig. homely; ugly. Fred isn't going to win any beauty contests, but he's smart and considerate and he does well at his job. This old truck of mine is not going to win any beauty contests, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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process of democratic contestation, not by judicial or other government
It is unlikely that a significant degree of real contestation in any country could long result in overwhelming majorities for the same political party (unless it split into factions that themselves resembled de facto parties, as in the American "Solid South"--which in any case was low on the inclusiveness dimension as a result of the effective disenfranchisement of Blacks--for so long).
BEIRUT: Wednesday saw a fresh wave of challenges submitted by losing candidates of the June 7 elections as the deadline for contestations loomed.
Le mouvement s'est etendu a toute la Turquie et s'est transforme en une contestation de l'autoritarisme du gouvernement et sa volonte supposee d'islamiser la societe turque.
Instead, the Girls's own reliance on contestation strategies mandated that--even in a moment of glory--they were STILL OBLIGED to cry sexism.
He locates his schoolroom texts within an extensive force field of cultural hegemony, in which the top down transmission of values was subject to various forms of contestation and negotiation.
The second part of the book, chapters 4 through 6, looks at Wycliffite works and refutations of them published from the 1390s to about 1410, as the pursuit of controversy in the vernacular began to meet with systematic contestation.
Les elections locales, qui se deroulent aujourd'hui en Turquie, sont cruciales pour le Premier ministre, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, qui fait face, ces derniers temps, a une contestation populaire et a des accusations de corruption argumentees par des enregistrements sonores mis en ligne.
Le Premier ministre turc Recep Tayyip Erdogan a exclu hier jeudi, lors d'un deplacement en Tunisie, de renoncer au projet urbain a Istanbul qui a declenche la vague de contestation contre son gouvernement.
She suggests that this period represents the negotiation of the birth of modern religion and the modern self through the active contestation of religion in "a secular age.
Possession is particularly significant," notes Harding, "because the occupation of black bodies by divine being is a stunning contestation of subalternity.
This practical application of part one's themes produces the most persuasive section of the book, for the earlier section suffers from a fundamental problem: Montrose does not tell us why these "formal means" of contestation are specific to the Elizabethan theatre.
La FAF annonce par ailleurs, un amendement du code disciplinaire qui concerne la contestation des decisions.
Il s'agit du premier mort dans les rangs de la police depuis le debut le 31 mai de la contestation, qui a aussi fait deux morts chez les manifestants.
The contestation of power in the political-economic complex is preserved sometimes in a perverted and inverted form, sometimes in a mitigated and distorted form in the masochistic performance, and Rufel's relation, for example, to the prevailing regime of power, that "she was white and it was her place," is not entirely dissipated.