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content oneself with someone or something

to be satisfied with (usually less of) someone or something. You will just have to learn to content yourself with fewer nice vacations now that you have kids entering college.
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to one's heart's content

Fig. as much as one wants. John wanted a week's vacation so he could go to the lake and fish to his heart's content. I just sat there, eating chocolate to my heart's content.
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to your heart's content

as much as you want You can take over the kitchen and cook to your heart's content.
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to your heart's content

if you do something enjoyable to your heart's content, you do it as much as you want to The pool is open all day so you can swim to your heart's content.
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to one's heart's content

To one's complete satisfaction, without limitation, as in I've been eating strawberries to my heart's content, or The youngsters played in the sand to their hearts' content. Shakespeare used this expression in a number of his plays. [Late 1500s]
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to (one's) heart's content

To one's entire satisfaction, without limitation.
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After mentioning the duality of subject and object, which is supposed to constitute consciousness, he proceeds in italics: "EXPERIENCE, I BELIEVE, HAS NO SUCH INNER DUPLICITY; AND THE SEPARATION OF IT INTO CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTENT COMES, NOT BY WAY OF SUBTRACTION, BUT BY WAY OF ADDITION"(p.
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