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contaminate (someone or something) with (something)

To pollute someone or something through exposure to something foul or dangerous. Be sure to wash your hands first so you don't contaminate the sterile area with germs.
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contaminate someone or something with something

to get someone or something dirty with something; to pollute someone or something with something. Something in the hospital contaminated the patient with a serious infection. The campers learned not to contaminate the outdoors with anything they carried in.
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If you had nothing more than 25 kg of solvents in that soil and your groundwater flow was relatively slow, you could have a contaminated plume that could last for hundreds of years.
Comments: Farmed trout are high in omega-3s and they're less contaminated than salmon.
which is owned by ConAgra, recalled more than 595,000 pounds of ground beef that had been contaminated with the deadly E.
94-38 applied if a taxpayers environmental remediation expenditures restore contaminated property to what was its uncontaminated condition at the time it was acquired by the taxpayer.
Generally, if the molds were not poured, the contaminated sand is diluted in the return sand system and has only a minimal effect on the second sand cycle.
The summary above is not exhaustive, but it should give executives some insight into the kinds of laws regarding contaminated property that have been passed in recent years.
Under the plan, the EPA will permanently relocate residents from five of the nine properties, demolish the five homes and excavate contaminated soil from all nine properties.
We're moving clean soil so we can get to deeper portions of contaminated soil to remove it and treat it,'' said Jose Diaz, the project manager overseeing the project for the state Department of Toxic Substances Control.
The impact of this decision is that private parties who voluntarily clean up a contaminated site without first having been subject to such an order or suit cannot seek contribution for their response costs from other PRPs under CERCLA unless they can persuade the State or Federal government to bring an enforcement action against them.
The HEPA/vaccine approach leads to few anthrax cases among reoccupants if applied to all but the most heavily contaminated buildings, and recovery is much faster than under the decades-long fumigation plan.
Because the electrodes are removable, the system allows for the actual extraction of uranium from the contaminated sediment and groundwater.
In other cases, basements were contaminated when fuel oil leaked from indoor storage tanks (which keep fuel from solidifying into a gel form during the city's cold winters) or when fuel lines ruptured.
that cleans contaminated soil at extremely high temperatures, about 1000 Degrees C.
How can you tell if an egg is contaminated with Salmonella?