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consume mass quantities

To eat, drink, or otherwise consume large amounts of something. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Large family holidays are all typified by consuming mass quantities of food and alcohol. As the largest economy on the planet, our prerogative seems to be to consume mass quantities of the Earth's resources.
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consumed by desire

Completely absorbed and controlled by one's passion or lust for something or someone. Jonathan found himself consumed by desire to be with Stephen, such that he could no longer pay attention in class. Many men, consumed by desire for a woman, have committed atrocious and sometimes bizarre acts of depravity. Consumed by his desire to rule the world, the dictator was blind to the mutiny of his advisors.
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Following an activity, it's best to consume foods that are high in carbohydrates that will restore the muscle glycogen in the quickest fashion.
Again, as a practical matter, smaller runners may consume up to a third less and favor consumption over longer periods of time.
Dumont announced that the company is building a rail spur at its Livermore Falls, Maine, location, a power generating plant that consumes some 350,000 tons per year of wood.
While software-based dial-up modems consume 40 MHz of the CPU resources, an ADSL modem operating at 1.
Many trucks manufactured today have computers that document the amount of fuel an engine consumes while traveling (including idling), average trip distance, average load factor, average driving speed, etc.
Apparently, other nations accept the logic that adults who are allowed to fly large aircraft and fire heavy artillery can also be trusted to consume alcohol moderately.
Those at the bottom clearly fall below the "too little" line, while those at the top, in what could be called the cars-meat-and-disposables class, clearly consume too much.
He smoked hashish at the wedding and returnedaACA* but he did not consume the narcotic here in Dubai.
About 89% of American women aged 18 to 34 consume the caffeine equivalent of 1.
If you enjoy reading muscle magazines while walking down an aisle in the mall supplement store, you will begin to believe it's impossible to consume enough daily protein to live on this planet.
How many gels should you optimally consume during a marathon?
People who consume a lot of salt are nearly twice as likely to experience a clot-based stroke as are people who consume a modest amount--even when their blood pres sure readings are comparable, a study of New York City residents shows.
Yet, every holiday season I hear complaints that we consume too much.
Women who take postmenopausal hormones and do not consume much caffeine are at a lower risk of developing Parkinson's disease than are women who never used postmenopausal hormones and consume a lot of caffeine, said Dr.
Micron's new BAT-RAMs are designed to consume less power than standard SDRAMs, and extend the battery life in many mobile and wireless applications.