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consult (with) someone (about someone or something)

to ask someone about someone or something. Please consult with me about all your plans. You should consult the architect about your needs. Please consult with me first.
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Table 15: Leading Business and IT Consulting Service
It's a large group of people whom I credit with helping Hitachi Consulting achieve this milestone, including our clients, who, day in and day out, trust our professionals to help them win at this very, very competitive game," said Michael Travis, Hitachi Consulting president and chief executive officer.
The IDC study also finds that regionally, the Americas currently host the largest market for IT consulting spending; however, the EMEA region will take the lead by 2009 and remain in this position through 2010.
Since early 2005, with the addition of Don Harvey, Navigant Consulting has been focused on increasing our international dispute and business advisory presence," stated David Tortorello, Navigant Consulting's Global Construction Practice Leader.
The establishment of In-Stat Consulting aims to further extend In-Stat's custom-tailored offerings which are built upon the firm's ongoing syndicated research in Service Provider Markets, Wireless, Multimedia, Business and Residential Networks, Service Provider Infrastructure Semiconductors, and Business Segmentation and Vertical Markets.
Navigator Systems is a recognized leader in BI Competency Center and integrated Corporate Performance Management consulting.
Our alliance with Oracle is very strategic to the long-term growth of Hitachi Consulting," said David Rodman, Managing Vice President of Hitachi Consulting's National Oracle Practice.
The team joining Navigant Consulting has been the premier provider of forensic accounting, litigation and valuation services in Canada for 30 years, with senior leaders that are seasoned as testifiers and as leads in prominent public investigations.
Mike Suglich, President of MAS Consulting said, "We are excited to have Greg join our firm and lead our consulting practice.
The Top 25 consultants were selected by Consulting Magazine's board of advisers, an elite group of consulting industry leaders who annually score the accomplishments of more than 70 top consultant candidates.
WYC provides professional consulting services in the College, University and Healthcare to assist client environments in addressing issues concerning telecommunications and networking.
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has selected KPMG Consulting as the business advisor and systems integrator to plan and design a Unified Financial Management System (UFMS).
In a recent report, The Global Management Consulting Marketplace: Key Data, Forecasts & Trends, KRG attributes this growth to a healthy global economy, aggressive penetration of new geographic territories, improved marketplace perceptions, rapid changes in information technology, deregulation, privatization and the globalization of markets.
Consulting, in the broadest sense, is almost unavoidable.
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