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consult (with) someone (about someone or something)

to ask someone about someone or something. Please consult with me about all your plans. You should consult the architect about your needs. Please consult with me first.
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The Lawlor Group is a full-service, higher education brand management and marketing communications consulting firm that works with private colleges and universities throughout the United States.
The NIH has engaged KPMG Consulting to continue with current work to develop and maintain the NIH data warehouse.
What consulting firms bring to the marketplace is knowledge capital.
Some larger firms offer structured training programs that prepare CPAs in specific consulting areas and allow attendance by members of other firms.
Edmiston III, Corporate Consulting practice (New York)
However, members often don't realize other frequently provided consulting services (such as informal business advice, assistance to clients in securing loans, budgeting, business planning, business valuation, financial ratio analysis, cash and inventory management) are subject to the SSMASs.
Statements in this press release, which are not historical in nature and concern Huron Consulting Group's current expectations about the company's reported results for 2006 and future results in 2007 are "forward-looking" statements as defined in Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Archstone Consulting is a rapidly growing, independent strategy and operations management consultancy.
With our 34-year history, our steadfast commitment to raising the standards of the consulting industry and our unique culture of friendship and cooperation, Callan is a rare gem in this industry.
With clients such as Experian, Mary Kay, GameStop and Neiman Marcus Hitachi Consulting is a recognized leader in BIPM solutions.
The report then presents a detailed competitive analysis of the top 36 telecom consulting firms, supplying you with information on their 2003, 2004 and 2005 telecom consulting revenues, and market share, number of employees, world presence, profitability, service offerings as well as an insight on what makes them successful.
Declining Housing Market: Archstone Consulting cites the impact of 17 straight increases in the federal funds rate as a major factor in the predicted poor performance of the 2006 Holiday season.
Hilary Feier joined Hitachi Consulting through the acquisition of Aspirity, where she held the position of president.
have a depth of CPG industry expertise that make them attractive business partners for CPG companies looking for specific services and requiring consulting practices that truly understand the industry challenges they face," said Kennedy Information research director Derek Smith.
Fujitsu Consulting is extremely excited about the synergy and growth that will result from this partnership with Information Builders," said Lokesh Sikaria, COO and senior vice president of Fujitsu Consulting's Enterprise Application (EA) business unit.
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