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conspire against (something or someone)

To join together in force or combine in such a way as to foil or defeat someone or something. The wind and rain conspired against our plans for an outdoor barbecue. His two younger brothers conspired against him to have him removed from the head of the company.
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conspire with (one)

To plot or scheme with one. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be conspiring with each other! The president of the company conspired with his assistant to conceal all evidence of his crime.
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conspire with someone (against someone or something)

 and conspire (with someone) against someone or something
to join with someone in a plot against someone or something else. The CEO conspired with the board of directors against the stockholders. Ed conspired with Sam against the plan.
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A civil society movement, known for its education and charity services and activities, is being labeled as a criminal or terrorist organization and many evil and ugly labels that reasonable and conscientious people would never accept, including gang, provocateur, traitor, conspirers of international plots and accomplices to foreign powers, are being used with respect to these people who have never been involved in any criminal activity.
MP Sharif Shhadeh said that the conspirers are angry with Syria because of their failure in misleading others and the success of Syrian media in exposing their crimes.
Two weeks ago, the Egyptian justice system acquitted nearly all the pillars of the previous regime, including hundreds of murderers, thieves, and conspirers.
However, he refused to ideally deal with these demands in order to improve his ties with his people, and came out afterwards to deliver a crude and defiant speech before the People's Assembly, announcing that his security apparatuses will use force to eliminate all the infiltrators, armed elements and conspirers.
President Asif Ali Zardari made it clear that the conspirers who wished to drive party in crises will meet failure.
Patna, Apr 20 (ANI): Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee (BPCC) president Anil Kumar Sharma today accused Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav of plotting 1989 Bhagalpur riots and protecting the main conspirers.
There was a deliberate manipulation; however, the conspiracy was staged not by the conspirers who wanted to put Doy-an into a difficult position, but by his colleagues.
If this is a plot or conspiracy, who are the conspirers or organizers within the state?
He added that the event aimed at conveying a message to those coward people that victory is close and Syria will remain strong in the face of conspiracies and conspirers.
Hala Mahfoud, member of the organizing group said the activity conveys a message to the whole world and the conspirers that whatever crimes and sabotage acts committed by the armed terrorist groups, they will never undermine the unity of the Syrian people or their commitment to their national firm stances and principles.