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conspicuous consumption

The lavish expenditure of money or acquisition of expensive items as a public display of one's wealth or financial success. In rapidly developing economies, conspicuous consumption becomes more and more prevalent as a means for those who have done well to flaunt their new economic status.
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be conspicuous by (one's) absence

To be noticeably missing from something. You're the loudest one in the class, so of course you're conspicuous by your absence!
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conspicuous by (one's) absence

Noticeably missing from something. You're the loudest one in the class, so of course you're conspicuous by your absence!
See also: absence, conspicuous

*conspicuous by one's absence

Cliché noticeably absent (from an event). (*Typically: be ~; made ~.) How could the bride's father miss the wedding? He was certainly conspicuous by his absence.
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make oneself conspicuous

to attract attention to oneself. Please don't make yourself conspicuous. It embarrasses me. Ann makes herself conspicuous by wearing brightly colored clothing.
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be conspicuous by your absence

if someone is conspicuous by their absence, people notice that they are not present in a place where they are expected to be Helen was conspicuous by her absence at the meeting yesterday.
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conspicuous by its absence

Also, conspicuous by one's absence. Glaringly obvious by the fact of not being there. For example, One agenda item concerning publicity is conspicuous by its absence, or The bride's father was conspicuous by his absence. The idea is ancient; it was expressed by the Roman writer Tacitus, concerning the absence of Junia's brother and husband at her funeral procession. [Mid-1800s]
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conspicuous by its absence

Very obvious through nonattendance. This oxymoron, which goes back to ancient Rome, applies to people or objects that attracted attention because they were expected to be present but weren't. An example would be a close relative who either wasn't invited or chose not to attend a family function. Some literary commentators contend that the phrase has become a cliché, but it's now used so rarely, you may—although at your peril—claim its wit to be your own.
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Color patterns that contrast with a given background are believed to enhance the conspicuousness of courting males and increase the visibility of male courtship behavior in some fishes (Endler 1983; Neil 1984; Kodric-Brown 1998).
When a conspicuousness altering rule is chosen, the concern is not that
Conspicuousness presents the thing at hand in a certain unhandiness" (Heidegger 68).
Department of Treasury's "Financial Regulatory Reform: A New Foundation," the new "reasonableness" standard requires a "balance in the presentation of risks and benefits, as well as clarity and conspicuousness in the description of significant product costs and risks" (Wallison, 2009, p.
While the slogan would have been instantly recognizable as the hallmark of the Kharijites, the Azraqite's decision to situate this slogan where such slogans were traditionally placed lessens its conspicuousness.
Also, some State DOTs are using high-contrast, black-on-white and black-on-yellow markings to increase the conspicuousness of their lane lines and centerlines on light-colored concrete pavements.
United States class action lawyers chose defendants owing to their conspicuousness and their business connections in the U.
The conspicuousness of colour cues in male pond damselflies depends on ambient light and visual system.
Self-concept and advertising effectiveness: The influence of congruency, conspicuousness, and response mode.
Part of what gives the book its fierce and illuminating focus is the conspicuousness of this absence, by which I mean this: Abrams's conviction of the detailed importance of German metaphysics to English romanticism leads him, as I will try and show, to the verge of all the right questions of its broader political significance, but it rests on that verge without drawing any explicit inferences at all.
The conspicuousness of their overconsumption arouses envy, which in turn engenders a violent response and counterresponse.
While the presidential campaign (of sorts) may, in the end, increase the saliency of the Trump brand and its conspicuousness, we are not at all sure if consumers will want to continue endorsing the name and associating themselves with the changing Trump brand by buying merchandise or paying fees.
Henceforth, substance in a picture, shading, shape, and surface, began picking up conspicuousness.
We never found any evidence in favor of eye mimicry, but lots to show that conspicuousness does matter," Stevens says.