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console (someone) on (something)

To comfort or soothe someone about a distressing topic or occurrence. I think you'll have a hard time consoling her on that lost account, considering all the hard work she put into it. I'm trying to console my daughter on the loss of her beloved teddy bear, but nothing I've said has helped thus far.
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console (someone or oneself) with (something)

To comfort or soothe someone with a particular thing or method. After my daughter lost her beloved teddy bear, I tried to console her with other toys, but nothing has helped thus far. It's not the healthiest idea to console yourself with sweets.
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console someone on something

to comfort someone about something. I want to console you on your recent loss. They consoled Fred on the continuing difficulties he was having.
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console someone with something

to use something to comfort someone. We consoled her with a sympathy card and flowers. He sat down and consoled himself with a beer or two.
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O table, my console and my consoler, table at which I self-console, where my self consolidates {is consolidated
Similarly, in "Comment je veux aimer" / "How I Want to Love," she announces: "Du triste exil j'accepte les epreuves / Pour te charmer et consoler ton coeur" (PN 41 Poesies 194; "I accept the trials of this sad exile / To delight you and to console your heart" [Poetry 173]).
45-46]) or he protests his necessary inadequacy as a consoler ("In truth, / How should I soothe you anyway" [ll.
It takes two of William Burges's churches--St Mary, Studley Royal and Christ the Consoler, Newby Hall, Skelton-on-Ure--to extract the phrase: 'almost unbearably beautiful' from him.
Les valeurs transcendantes dont Nietzsche annonce la fin sont inventees par l'homme pour donner sens a sa vie sociale, pour le consoler de ses imperfections et de ses limites, bref pour la refuter, autrement dit pour la nier, telle qu'elle est, au nom de ce qu'elle devrait etre, au nom d'un ideal politique.
25) He thus usurps certain functions of Christ, the consoler .
I am more of a comforter and consoler and motivator, calming people's nerves from market volatility," explained David Driggers.
9) D'Annunzio has responded to this remark by inserting his own choral element into the action proper of the drama, effectively infusing all the choral roles Anna plays, from that of consoler and sympathizer, to adviser, to manipulator of the narrative thread, into the events of the drama.
The intellect is "a consoler, which delights in detaching or putting an interval between man and his fortune, and so converts the sufferer into a spectator and his pain into poetry.
Ceremonial ou la forme d'administrer les sacrements de confession, communion, & extreme-onction, aux malades dans les maisons religieuses ; avec la maniere de les visiter, & de les consoler.
The familiar admonition to 'Cure occasionally, relieve often, console always comes from the ancient French aphorism 'Guirer quelquefois, soulager souvent, consoler toujours'.
Se rendant sur place jeudi dernier avec son epouse, le president Obama a cherche a consoler la ville endeuillee et s'est rendu au chevet des blesses a l'hopital.
Cependant il est bien clair que les circonstances qui vous inquietent sur la declaration du droit naturel qu'a tout citoyen d'etre arme, sont tres passageres; rien ne peut consoler des maux de l'anarchie, que la certitude qu'elle ne peut durer.
Tous ces personnages l'attendent pour completer pour ainsi dire le sens de son existence, pour la remplir de leur tendresse maternelle (vieille amie), de leur amour (Amelie), pour lui offrir l'occasion d'un depassement heroique (Georges), pour l'accueillir et le consoler dans son desespoir (Dieu).
The Greek word translated here as "advocate" is directly related to the New Testament word paraclete, which can also be translated as comforter, consoler, intercessor, teacher and so on.