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consider (someone) for (something)

To contemplate giving something (often a particular job or role) to someone. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon made me question that decision. Which actresses are you considering for the lead?
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consider someone (as) something

to think of a person as a particular type of person. I don't consider you as a possible candidate. I consider myself an excellent cook.

consider someone for something

to think about offering someone a job, office, or other responsibility. Would you consider David for the job? I could not possibly consider you for the position.
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Considering the hours that are likely to have been spent agonising over each and every junction, it is time to enjoy the fruits of their labour.
In addition, the Board has consulted with the Office of the State Bank Commissioner of Kansas, which is considering an application by Sixth to acquire control of CSB.
Water-quality officials are also considering sanctions against the Palmdale sanitation district.
Dave Ratner, a 27-year, small business veteran recommends considering your feelings about company debt.
In considering new voice, data and video systems for Elsinore Castle, Hamlet found it quite difficult to decide whether leasing might not just be the better option.
Considering the complexity of career decisions, on one hand, and individuals' limited cognitive information processing capability and limited time and material resources, on the other hand, the challenge faced by any prescriptive career decision-making model is to reduce the amount of information that must be processed, with as little loss as possible in the quality of the decision made (i.
Camps can respond effectively to these situation by carefully considering the following:
By considering all of the factors affecting the situation, determining and analyzing feasible sequences of action, and reviewing the estimates of support provided by supervisors and commodity managers, administrators can decide on the best courses of action to take to accomplish their stated objectives.
Younger describes the consortia of library and information professionals that are considering the long-term requirements for adequate resource description and identification operating within the context of the traditional library catalog, while recognizing the changing nature of the resources identified.
Check on the availability of scholarships for the programs you are considering and the number of classes you get for your dollar.
11) The Board has carefully reviewed these matters in light of the facts of record in considering Applicants' application for approval of the CFB transaction.
Illustrations 13-16 present situations in which a member is considering whether to rely on an attorney's opinion in applying the realistic possibility standard to a client's proposed transaction.
LANCASTER - Financially troubled Westside Union School District is considering laying off 54 teachers because it might increase class sizes in the lower grades.