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consecrate (someone or something) to God

To devote or dedicate someone or something to God's service. I'm going to the ceremony to consecrate our new chapel to God.
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consecrate someone or something to God

to pledge someone to the service of God; to dedicate something to the glory or service of God. They consecrated the new church building to the glory of God.
See also: consecrate, god
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Drawing her mother into the story (Serfontein's position as both mother and published writer was important here) also alerted the publishers, who, in a further act of seeking out a field consecrator, then called on Opperman to give his opinion on the poetry they were thinking of publishing.
Intense concentration on the bread and wine, the sacred species, as yet another graphic representation of Christ on earth, brought about the cult of adoration, and highlighted the priest as the consecrator and transformer of the elements.
The celebrant's clothing must change to reflect a simpler, deeper awareness of his humble place as servant to the community, as consecrator and messenger.
Barlow was the chief consecrator of Parker at a private ceremony in Lambeth Palace on December 17, 1559.
Urban VIII (1623-1644): The consecrator of the new St.
As bishop of Porto, Italy, he was a consecrator of Pope Stephen V in 885.
Such anthologies (including those of the Futurist, Imagist, and Spectra hoax coteries, Others, The Lyric Year, and the radical social anthologies of Nancy Cunard and Alain Locke) cannot be caricatured as hierophantic consecrators of prestige nor as defenders of canonical distinction.