consarn it

informal Darn it! Oh, consarn it—I overslept again!
See also: consarn

Consarn it!

Rur. Damn it! (A mild oath.) Consarn it! I can't find my keys. That's the second batch of muffins I've burned today, consarn it!
See also: Consarn
References in classic literature ?
Come, old chap,” said Billy, good-naturedly, “don’t be crabb’d, but hear what a man has got to say I’ve no consarn in the business, only to see right ‘twixt man and man; and I don’t kear the valie of a beetle-ring which gets the better; but there’s Squire Doolittle, yonder be hind the beech sapling, he has invited me to come in and ask you to give up to the law—that’s all.
I say; this here's the mantie-making consarn, an't it?
The Brieg you wase Consarned with men you shold not have any Consarns with[.