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have a conniption (fit)

Rur. to get angry or hysterical. (See also have a fit) I got so mad I thought I was going to have a conniption. My father had a conniption fit when I got home this morning.
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have a fit

 and throw a fit
to be very angry; to show great anger. The teacher had a fit when the dog ran through the classroom. John threw a fit when he found his car had been damaged.
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have a fit

also throw a fit
to become very upset or angry My mother had a fit when she saw the mess we'd made.
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have a conniption fit

  (American old-fashioned)
to be very angry or upset My mother would have a conniption fit if she could see me now.
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have/throw a fit

to be very angry My mother threw a fit when she saw the mess we'd made.
See fit on the back of a postage stamp, fit the bill, fit to drop
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have a fit

Also, have fits or a conniption fit ; take or throw a fit ; have kittens. Become extremely upset. For example, She'll have a fit when she sees Anne wearing the same dress, or Mom had a conniption fit when she heard about the broken mirror, or Don't take a fit-the car's not really damaged, or Jill was having kittens over the spoiled cake. One can also give someone a fit or fits , as in His dithering about punctuation is enough to give me fits. Fit and fits, along with conniption fit, have been used in hyperbolic expressions to denote a bout of hysterics since the 1830s; throw a fit was first recorded in 1906, and have a fit in 1924; have kittens, alluding to being so upset as to bear kittens, also dates from about 1900.
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conniption (fit)

n. a burst of anger; a spaz. He had a conniption fit over the question of my marriage to Fred.
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Autism Library of Science and Spirit is part of Conniptions website with 2,000 annotated links referencing many diverse areas of learning and knowledge down many roads less traveled over a decade and a half of 24/7 efforts.
Sure, Loud gleefully hit bum notes that would give the American Idol judges conniptions, but the Mumps' songs, composed by Loud and queer cohort Kristian Hoffman, were genuinely clever, spoofing pop culture conventions ("Brain Massage" lampoons consciousness-raising fads) while drawing on everything from British music hall to glitter rock for inspiration.
Writer-director Muccino has no problem keeping all of these and many more plot conniptions lively, and not just because his entire cast is forever on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
In Little Havana they say Elian Gonzalez is a miracle child sent by God to bring Cuba to its knees and give Castro conniptions.
Mom had conniptions when she found out I didn't win anything for the price of the call.
Newspapers had a field day, and Hansen's colleagues had conniptions.
who had conniptions over the Birchers being invited to CPAC, but celebrated CPAC's welcome of GOProud, the "conservative" homosexual organization, as a cosponsor of the conference.
That Ukraine is having conniptions with its elections or the horrendous situation that continues in Darfur?
There are numerous conniptions and much crying, which indicates that traditional notions of Chinese reserve are about as outdated as Mao's Little Red Book nowadays.
His new polemic will bring conniptions to his former colleagues at National Review, the Heritage Foundation, and The National Interest, often for good reasons, but it's not totally successful despite its worthy purpose.
Rue Dragon is no slum -- one can see how the squatters and their famous guest are giving some developers conniptions.
Here we are used to people having conniptions over their land," Davis commented in a November 18, 1990 Glens Falls Post Star interview.
A collection of film noir cliches and outlandish plot conniptions, it keeps straining for ironic wit in an effort to appear more cleverly modern than it really is.
This is enough to give your average cardinal conniptions.
by contrast, wealthy Americans have conniptions at the possibility of a tax increase of some 2 or 3 percent.