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have a conniption fit

To become very or unreasonably angry or upset; to have an outburst of rage, frustration, or ill temper. My mom's going to have a conniption fit when she sees what happened to the car! I was so embarrassed when Danny started having a conniption fit in the grocery store.
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have a fit

To become very or unreasonably angry or upset; to have an outburst of rage, frustration, or ill temper. My mom's going to have a fit when she sees what happened to the car! I was so embarrassed when Danny started having a fit in the grocery store.
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have a conniption (fit)

Rur. to get angry or hysterical. (See also have a fit) I got so mad I thought I was going to have a conniption. My father had a conniption fit when I got home this morning.
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have a fit

 and throw a fit
to be very angry; to show great anger. The teacher had a fit when the dog ran through the classroom. John threw a fit when he found his car had been damaged.
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have a fit

Also, have fits or a conniption fit ; take or throw a fit ; have kittens. Become extremely upset. For example, She'll have a fit when she sees Anne wearing the same dress, or Mom had a conniption fit when she heard about the broken mirror, or Don't take a fit-the car's not really damaged, or Jill was having kittens over the spoiled cake. One can also give someone a fit or fits , as in His dithering about punctuation is enough to give me fits. Fit and fits, along with conniption fit, have been used in hyperbolic expressions to denote a bout of hysterics since the 1830s; throw a fit was first recorded in 1906, and have a fit in 1924; have kittens, alluding to being so upset as to bear kittens, also dates from about 1900.
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have a fit


throw a fit

COMMON If someone has a fit or throws a fit, they become very angry and upset. Note: In the first two idioms here, `fit' means healthy and full of energy. Mum will have a fit when he hears about this. She threw a fit when she found me in the dressing room.
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conniption (fit)

n. a burst of anger; a spaz. He had a conniption fit over the question of my marriage to Fred.
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It so shook Washington that everyone who mattered went into conniption.
Brian Meehan, trainer of Conniption "She's in very good form and we're looking for a very good run.
THE wraps are now being taken off the better two-year-olds, and there were some eyecatching juveniles at Salisbury yesterday, none more so than Conniption, who finished fifth in the 6f Listed contest for fillies.
Rather than focus on Funk's organized, instrumental space conniption on more than 20 instruments - including exotic ones like the hammered dulcimer and the saz - we're going to get to know Horse Feathers a little better.
But ``Basic,'' the story of an investigation into a pack of murders on a soon-to-close Panama military reservation, does its narrative conniption business with an exuberance and wit that makes for rather jolly fun.
The William Haggas-trained Shamandar sets the form standard in the race this year and looks certain to appreciate going back up to 6f, but she's not miles clear on the book by any means and of more interest are unbeaten pair Walk On Water and Conniption.
Despite other subplots involving marital strife, a loaded gun kept hidden by a teenager, and interracial dating that gives parents on both sides conniption fits, the characters played by Sedgwick and Margulies are at the heart of the movie.
When the agency does collect royalties properly,it doesn't have a conniption about quickly sending Indians and states their share.
Multiple Some outstanding fillies have won the Listed Dick Poole Fillies' Stakes at Salisbury and if there is a potential future Group 1 winner in today's line-up, the Brian Meehan-trained Conniption is my pick for most impressive future honours.
When the Federal Reserve announced on March 19 its latest offensive against the financial crisis--to purchase more than $1 trillion in government debt ranging from mortgage-backed securities to long-term Treasury bonds--Wall Street, the financial media, and the political classes had a conniption.
When we first introduced Goody Guns, gun prohibitionists had a conniption fit because they knew the psychology behind our program.
That's why the topic of homosexuality gave him conniption fits.
The marshals, cleared of wrongdoing in May, shot Alpizar because he suffered a conniption fit linked to his bipolar disorder.
Like that great conniption Tom Cruise had in the bathroom in '(Jerry) Maguire.