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in connection with something

having to do with a particular thing The police have questioned many people in connection with the fire in the shopping mall.
Related vocabulary: in relation to something
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n. a seller of drugs; someone who is a source for drugs. (Originally drugs.) This connection you keep talking about—is he dependable?

in connection with

In relation to; with respect to; concerning: The mayor's office made no comments in connection with the tax proposal.
See also: connection
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Pat" Brown Institute of Public Affairs and Professor, Department of Geography and Urban Analysis, California State University, Los Angeles * Reverend Fernando Santillana, Associate Director of Connectional Ministries Ministerios Latinos, California-Pacific Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church
Europe is a marvellous mosaic, the raw material and the connectional web of which are Christianity, ancient Greek literature and Byzantine-Roman law.
Moreover, they provide the reader with a solid foundation for examining the difficult problems that the connectional nature of the denomination has created for the United Methodist Church in which the major emphasis is on the local congregation and the connectional nature of the church is seen as a liability rather than an asset.
the understanding of historical episcopacy (Geoffrey Wainwright, Gerard Ettlinger), the connectional nature of divine initiative and knowledge about the divine (Robert L.
Denominational agencies would have "to seek and maintain the closest possible connection with State Boards, and also in every way to promote harmonious and effective connectional organizations between the churches, in district association Boards or Committees, and State Boards.
They share congregational polity, regenerate church membership, and immersion with the mountain churches; but SBC churches are more connectional, more widespread, and show greater theological diversity.
An allocation has a more voluntary "ring" to it although, since we are a connectional church and all of us covenant to support each other, we should do our utmost to meet the target set.
Thus, though the story's crucial event took place in Augusta, Georgia, in 1845, that event constituted the interaction of a growing Baptist confessional and connectional consciousness, a passionate missionary conviction, and a visceral sectional spirit.
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