connect with something

connect (with something)

in. [for a batter] to hit a ball. He swung but didn’t connect with the ball.
See also: connect, something
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I think it's because it's causing plaintiffs to constantly think about how to connect with something in jurors that will motivate them to rule in their favor and award large damages.
New Yorkers who visit Israel can experience a time more than 2000 years old when visiting the Wailing Wall, or they can connect with something as current as the 9/11 Living Memorial Plaza in Arazim Valley of Ramot, Jerusalem.
However, the idea that I was trying to connect with something beyond myself for comfort has made me aware that there is a larger being or energy between us all and in us all.
But it does connect with something powerful in the national mood.
We're about really wanting to show that if you connect with something, if you see something that interests you, it will take on your energy.
At the end of the day, we are all members of the human race, and modern internet applications are making it possible for us to instantly know and connect with something of interest that may be going on thousands of miles away.
We as a band wanted to connect with something uplifting Creative is what we live to feel and a lot of people are wary about that because it's about genuine and authentic emotions.
She said: "But you have to connect with something you're singing about.
They define their lives with political rallies and women's collectives, desperate to connect with something, anything, that will give meaning to their lives.
Part of it may be escapism, part of it a subconscious quest to connect with something significant in an increasing material world.
It's sometimes difficult to connect with something in the past, but this exhibition helps.
I reach into the pile and connect with something and how I connect with it changes me and what I want, which in turn changes the nature of the pile because now the liner notes are on top and because they're on top, I'm reminded to work on my French (Oeuvres pour piano), which means I leave this little moment a different person.
paddling is a way for me to connect with something that really intrigues me.
Religion provides meaning to one's life and gives young people an opportunity to connect with something larger than themselves.
But dark skies offer more than the chance to connect with something bigger than ourselves.