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name to conjure with

1. A name that is important or well-known. There are definitely some names to conjure with at the upcoming industry conference!
2. An unusual or interesting name. Englebert Humperdinck is certainly a name to conjure with!
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conjure up

1. Literally, to cause something to appear, as by magic or other supernatural means. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conjure" and "up" or after "up." The magician wowed the crowd when he waved his hands and seemingly conjured up a rabbit.
2. To locate something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conjure" and "up" or after "up." Hang on, let me see if I can conjure up a pen for you. Any luck conjuring up some limes?
3. To evoke thoughts or images of someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conjure" and "up" or after "up." We can't name our baby Glinda—that name immediately conjures up images of The Wizard of Oz! As an author, your job is to conjure up the action in the reader's mind.
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conjure someone or something up

1. Lit. to make someone or something appear, seemingly by the use of magic. The magician conjured seven white doves up. Then an old wizard conjured up a horse.
2. Fig. to manage to locate someone or something. I think I can conjure a pencil up for you. Do you think you can conjure up a large coffee urn in the next half hour?
3. Fig. to manage to think up or imagine someone or something in one's mind. Can you conjure a vision of grandma up? All I could do was to conjure up happy memeories.
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a name to conjure with

mainly BRITISH
1. If you say that someone or something is a name to conjure with, you mean that they are very famous and important. Bugattis, Bentleys, Ferraris — motoring names to conjure with, and all part of a breath-taking display of classic cars. Doris Kearns Goodwin is not a name to conjure with in this country, but in the United States she is a star.
2. If you say that someone or something's name is a name to conjure with, you mean their name is very unusual or funny. Lily's sister, for instance, is Vera Cheeseman. Now there's a name to conjure with. Note: In this expression, the importance and influence associated with a person or thing are regarded as a kind of magical power which you can call on by using their name.
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a name to conjure with

a person who is important within a particular sphere of activity.
The image here is of magically summoning a spirit to do your bidding by invoking a powerful name or using a spell.
1954 Iris Murdoch Under the Net His name, little known to the public, is one to conjure with in Hollywood.
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a name to ˈconjure with

1 the name of a well-known, very respected and admired person, group or thing in a particular field: My father went to school with Bill Gates — now there’s a name to conjure with!
2 (humorous) used when you mention a name that is difficult to remember or pronounce: The soup was called chlodnik — now there’s a name to conjure with!
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But Carlyle's opposition of conjuring to literature (and the literary marketplace) is a curious one, foreclosing the possibility of any productive comparison between the two.
However, the four screenwriters of The Conjuring 2 are content to use one family's terror as a foundation for the usual array of horror tropes: creaking floorboards, a child speaking in tongues, inverted crosses, and ghostly figures emerging from the darkness.
The post Film review: Conjuring 2 ** appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Conjuring My Leafy Muse is, in numerous ways, a marvel of incantation and lyricism, a weaving of the supernatural, horrific, sensual, folkloric, and disarmingly frank.
Although often depicted as a means of reprisal, conjuring could also take on more benevolent forms, as the story "Sis' Becky's Pickaninny" poignantly demonstrates.
Joao/Jose is haunted by a close encounter with conjuring he has yet to fully recover from, and the source of his initial disbelief and lingering resistance has sources other than mere skepticism.
The Leeds-based band conjures up images of the Beatles and the Beach Boys getting down on the dancefloor with the likes of Motorhead - an image that takes a lot of conjuring up.
Gibeciere, the Journal of the Conjuring Arts Research Center, New York, will appeal to readers with a particular interest in the conjuring arts.
Black Magic: Religion and the African American Conjuring Tradition.
For readers not familiar with Gardner, he is the author of more than 100 books on topics as diverse as mathematics, religion, and conjuring.
Though its appearance might suggest otherwise, the object was not found vandalized and abandoned on a rubbish heap by the artist but rather fabricated with subtly rounded contours to become a kind of surreal emblem: Golden Phone was clearly the most moving work in the exhibition, perhaps because it comes closest to conjuring a human presence, a forlorn reminder of the countless conversations that may have taken place inside its shell.
This is Everett at his best, conjuring up visions and images to bewitch the reader.
The movie's trailer suggests that Malick is conjuring up a brew of lyricism and danger, not to mention surprises--something that Nouvelle-France is sorely lacking.
In ``Gurrelieder,'' he focused on texture and feeling, conjuring dappled musical landscapes and sylvan realms.
Among the best of new titles: Stephanie Rose Bird's Sticks, Stones, Roots, And Bones: Hoodoo, Mojo & Conjuring With Herbs (0738702757, $14.